Chapter 52 Suit of Death vs

Chapter 52 Zero vs. Siyo

Zero was watching the battle from the air. He had let Cracker drive the Mecha and found that his piloting skills were quite good.

"He's a regular Suzaku." Zero commented. Cracker, who had never watched Code Geass, didn't understand the compliment. He had just shrugged it off. Zero told him to keep the Mecha away and told Gilford to use the rifle first. If possible Zero wanted to avoid physical contact. He knew that they wouldn't be the first to try and kill the vampire. King J might not like a blood thirsty monster lurking around his kingdom, and he didn't think Mr. V would like the idea of said monster killing his prized assassins. They both would attempt to deal with Neck and Mirror, and Zero had an idea how they would do it. Siyo Kenegan aka the Sniper. Siyo was the most dangerous assassin in Mugen. V knew he would have to send his best to take out two high ranked assassins, and J knew of Siyo's record. Even if they didn't send him, Zero knew Siyo would try and kill Neck anyways. Not many people could stand up to Siyo Kenegan and the infamous Sniper loved a challenge. Zero wanted to provide such a challenge. He had waited a while to be able to fight Siyo. Not only to see how strong the assassin was, but also because he was a threat to SPOAK. It was his job, and he was willing to comply. He also had to be sure of something that had been bugging him about the Sniper. He had heard stories of him swooping down on his prey and leaving nothing but ashes. Under normal circumstances Zero would have regarded it as a story, but circumstances lead him to a theory. Siyo Kenegan was, in so form, a Reidomaru and he had traveled worlds. He had to be sure of his theory. From his spot Zero had seen Neck getting pwned by the Sniper, and he was tempted to let the vampire die but he knew that it wasn't right. Maybe just imprison him for a while and put him in rehab. Although he knew what Neck would say.

"They try to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no." He sang to himself. He reached behind his shirt and pulled out a sword. He smiled as he admired the blade.

"It's been so long since I last used Dragon Soul." He whispered wistfully. He spun it around in his hand started doing flips in the air. He then grinned.

"I still got it."

"Ka, me, ha, me, ha!" He heard someone yell below him. Zero looked down and saw Siyo shooting a black flaming Kamehameha wave at Neck. Zero normally would have laughed at Siyo's Dragonball Z reference, but he then noticed Neck's reaction. Instead of doing the sensible thing and moving out of the way he jumped into the attack!

"What, does this artard want to die?" He exclaimed. He could smell the burning flesh of the vampire as he slowly neared the Sniper's body. Zero knew it was now or never. If he was going to save Neck he would have to do it now, and he knew how he was going do it.

"You better appreciate this Mihael River." Zero thought. He descended like an eagle. With great speed and accuracy. He managed to get in between Neck and Siyo and placed the sword in front of him. He felt Dragon Soul get hot as it absorbed the Sniper's fire. Unfortunately enough, he also felt Neck biting his ankle.

"First you Reidomaru, then the Sniper!" Neck declared.

"Oh shut up Humpty Dumpty." Zero snapped.

"Humpty Dumpty?" Neck inquired. Zero grinned.

"Yeah don't you know teh story? Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, and Humpty Dumpty took a great fall." When he said the last word he jammed his foot into Neck's right eye.

"Ahh!" Neck screamed. He lost his grip on Zero and fell to the ground grasping his eye. Zero looked down as the vampire took his great fall. He hit the ground with a thud, and Zero heard a few bones crack. Neck looked at Zero and raised his middle finger in one last act of defiance and closed his eyes. Zero saw his chest rise up and down a few times.

"Good he's still alive." He sighed. He then turned his attention to the Sniper. He locked eyes with him. The assassin grinned.

"Zero Reidomaru. It's a pleasure to meet you." He greeted. Zero dipped his head in greeting.

"Teh feelings mutual Mr. Kenegan." He replied. The Sniper gave him a surprised look then he just smiled.

"You know my name. Nice to know not everyone in the world's an ignorant idiot." Siyo replied.

"I'm not good example of a non ignorant idiot." Zero replied. Siyo smiled at his joke.

"I've waited a long time to fight you Zero. I've heard of your reputation. Uncle J is afraid of you. It's why he hasn't made his move against SPOAK yet. He's waiting until you die." Zero put his hand on his heart.

"I'm truly touched Siyo taht your Uncle thinks so highly of me." Zero said. Siyo chuckled.

"He might be afraid of you, but I'm not." Siyo stated. After saying this he kneed Zero in the chest. Zero bent over and Siyo kicked him in the temple. Zero took the hit and began falling rapidly to the ground. The Sniper raised his hand and conjured up the weapon which gave him his nickname. He aimed the sniper rifle at Zero's head.

"I expected more form you, but maybe you weren't that great after all Mr. Reidomaru." The Sniper stated and he pulled the trigger.

Ash Algood

Yay!! I haven't worked on OHD in 4ever nd its nice 2 be bak. Now lets see whats going on, 1 The Snipers name is Siyo and he's the nephew of teh king nd teh son of teh assassin leader dude, 2 Neck's knocked out nd wont be doing anything 4 a while, nd 3 Zero's about 2 get shot…again. I end a lot of chapters with some1 trying 2 shoot Zero it never seems 2 get old