Snow Boy
07 / 15 / 08

i wonder if you were indeed the silent type i thought i knew.

you. you're the seemingly-quiet boy in the classroom corner who would awkwardly talk to me, faltering in your words every now and then in your sentences (you never thought i found it cute didn't you?)

looking back now, i remember it wasn't only the way you talk that i always found cute – it was perhaps your overall awkwardness i found so charming – your thick black-rimmed glasses, your unusually high-waist positioned school pants and how you're seemingly the bullied type but you're actually not.

it's summer here now and seasons and seasons have passed since that winter i felt so close to you. but even back then, I knew things would be like the snow we watched together on platform 5 while waiting for the train one evening when we decided to go home from school together.

the snow, you know i always felt something sad when i look at it, especially at night. maybe it's the way these frozen cotton pieces form together in the skies and how they hopelessly fall away from each other in the end.

indeed, seasons have come and gone and i think i'm starting to realize that you're truly the silent type boy i always liked.

the snow patches that once covered the pavement we traversed together have long melted.

but i haven't heard from you.

A/N: after reading simpleplan13's comments. i did some revisions. thank you simpleplan13. i always appreciate your comments.