"I think someone is following us."

Emily's grip tightened.

"Good. Just be scared and this'll work."

Dominic's reply was confident. He was always confident. There was never a time where he did not believe in himself, or in Emily.

The footsteps trailing them began to falter, growing out of sync; whomever had been there was slowly losing interest.

"Oops!" Emily called out in a soft voiced, tripping over her own feet while simultaneously helping the back of her skirt lift into the air.

"You should be more careful." Dominic scolded, yet in a caring manner, steadying Emily and pulling her red hood back over her head, "You could get hurt, if you don't watch where you walk."

The footsteps resumed their synchronicity and Dominic knew their little stunt had worked. While leaving Emily a little flushed, it had managed to capture their pursuer's interest: at least, for a little longer.

The night had grown considerably colder; Emily had been shivering for quite some time now. She had been trying to keep still, but she couldn't help it any longer. Dominic noted in his head to make it up to her, for dragging her around this late at night. They usually didn't operate this way, but the boat left early and well…

Dominic squeezed Emily's hand and they came to a stop.

"I know you're following us. You don't need to be so secretive."

Dominic turned around to face the man following them.

"After all…we share the same passion, right?" Dominic smiled and placed a hand on the top of Emily's head. The man wavered a bit, obviously shaken, but moved out from the shadows bravely.

"You got me." He answered at least, with a bad smile and approached Dominic slowly, "My name's…"

But Dominic cut him off.

"It's better if we don't share our names. You never know who could be listening."

The man nodded, "You're right." But stuck out his hand anyway, to which Emily bumped Dominic's away, "What a lovely little lady, aren't you?"

The man took another step forward and begun to kneel, placing his lips to her hand, contemplating how delicate her skin felt and how much better it could feel. But. There would be no more thinking.

Emily was already in mid-air when his eyes opened, the razor-thin wire already tightening against his jugular and Adam's apple. There was no scream of pain; there was no gasp for a last breath or a pleading whimper of tainted innocence. Emily landed soundly the man just as Dominic's fists collided with the sides of his skull; not enough to knock him out, just enough to make him weak. He faltered, falling forward, but Emily was stronger then she looked and pulled harder: the wires tightened, his skin began to take on a new hue.

A sickening sound rang through the air and it was over.

Emily's grip tightened on Dominic's hand as the sun began to peak over the horizon, there was always a reason to be afraid, but as least today, there would be one less person to fear.