to mr. blue eyes

your eyes are the same shade of (ice . azure . sapphire . cerulean)
a color i could never ever find the words to describe
and they (pierce . sting . drill . stab) at me still;
i had always been infatuated by your eyes,
it drew me closer and closer to you before i started to
and i was out of control, except
i loved every damn minute of your exhilaration-
the pull of your lips in your fabulous smile
was the only high i needed to get through
( e v e r y t h i n g )
and i lost every coherent thought i ever had
when the sunlight struck your (golden . strawberry . dirty) blonde hair
that curved across your ears and fell into your eyes;
you were velvet and silk and everything i wasn't,
but you love(d) me for our differences just like how i love you-
and even now, when you've left and forgotten me;
i remember you and our memories
and the way your eyes could comprehend my every thought;
even now, in my darkest, most sorrowful, moments-
still i turn to you because you had always understood me (best)
and i'll ask myself yet again tonight;
(why? why? why?)
did you leave me; forget me; abandon me
when you promised you never would;
and at those times where i see you, i know you see me too-
but those emotions flickering behind your beautiful eyes,
i can not understand;
do you (miss. hate. love. scorn. adore.) me?
you're happy now with her and i'm (suffering . miserable . discontent)
from the love you left (one . two . three . four . five . six) years ago
but it's not your fault; it's never your fault-
because i know, blue eyes, that i was never good enough for you

A/N: i only realized FP had screwed up the formatting of this poem today, so i fixed it the best way i could. 4-27-10