I'm a girly girl, who doesn't like breaking nails. I'm a vain girl, who will never be seen without makeup. I'm a shallow girl, who judges based on appearance. But I'm not a bad girl.

I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Just like that – across the class in Homeroom, on the first day of school, I decided that he would be my boyfriend. To my joy he was in two of my classes, and I sat right next to him.

"So you're new here, eh?" I asked him, winding a lock of hair around my finger.

He smiled easily, and I mentally swooned. "Yup, moved during the summer. It's a pretty big school, isn't it?"

"Biggest in the school district. I'm warning you, you're gonna hear that many, many times."

A week or so went by, and we chatted casually. I flirted quite a lot, and he flirted back. I don't usually take things this slow, but he was special. I had never liked a guy so much.

My friend told me about her, the plain, brunette girl who sat with him and his friends at lunch. "But she's no competition, she's just like one of the guys." she said, screwing on the lid to my mascara and passing it back to me. "Where did you get this stuff, anyway? It's way nicer then mine."

He asked me out, finally. I was delighted, and couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't wait to tell my friends, and called them up excitedly the minute I got home.

The next few weeks were heaven. We went on dates, went to parties together, everything couples did. We even had sex.

Then… things started changing. He was busy, he didn't pay attention, I wasn't so important. He started hanging out with her, the boyish chick who ate lunch with him.

I confronted her one day, in the change rooms after PE. She was in the other gym class during my PE block.

"Hey." I tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and I mentally cursed. There was nothing good about her! Why would he spend time with her instead of me?

But then I met her eyes, and I suddenly knew. Because she was three-D, there was a simple honesty in those eyes. All the bitter things I was going to say melted away, and I was left gaping for a moment.

She's better then you. She's a better person then you. Suddenly my anger flamed.

"Yeah, you. What are you doing with my boyfriend? You had better not steal him, bitch. You had better not take him." I was almost shaking with anger, tears pricking my eyes. "If you touch him, I'll kill you." I turned on my heel and walked away before my emotions embarrassed me any more.

It came a few days later.

"Can I talk to you about something?"

I was heartbroken. "Why? It's her, isn't it?"

"I just don't feel the same anymore. I'm sorry."

"Yeah? Because you've been feeling stuff for her, haven't you? That little slut, with her scraggily hair and boys clothing." I rolled my eyes.

"Hey, don't insult her." He frowned. "And how dare you call her a slut?"

I slapped him, slapped him as hard as I could, and spun around. She was behind me.

"You. You… miserable excuse for a human. " I hissed at her. "Why do you deserve him? Why are you any better than me? You're just a dumb little nerd who wears boy clothing. You don't deserve to touch him."

He grabbed me from behind. "I said, don't insult her."

I ripped my right arm out of his grasp and drove my fist into her stomach. There was a cracking noise and my thumb hurt like a bitch, but I didn't care because she was doubled over and gasping for breath. I was seeing red and the pain in my hand was unnoticeable because the pain in my heart was all I could think about. There was yelling and someone grabbed my arm and suddenly I was blacking out.

I was suspended for three days, and when I came back people were still talking about it. I kept my head low and only talked to my friends.

I was okay until third block, when I saw him. Fortunately, my seat had been moved across the room, and the teacher kept us busy for the first half. And then he caught my gaze, and my stomach flipped.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked shakily. The teacher nodded consent and I hurried out of the suddenly stuffy room.

I sat down in one of the stalls and tried to slow my breathing. The door opened noisily and a pair of girls walked in.

"So like, have you seen her yet? Nathan's ex?"

"Yeah, she's in my PE block. Dude, she's like, so weird. I'm glad things worked out, though, they're such a cute couple, Nathan and Julie. Even if she is a bit nerdy."

"Yeah, they're so sweet! I dropped by their table at lunch, and he like, put his arm around her and she turned like, bright red. It was funny."

"Dude, that's adorable. I bet they're gonna last."

"Yeah, if only my boyfriend was…" the door shut behind them. I stood up, turned around, and puked into the toilet.

Cute. Nathan and I were cute. What was so cute about him dumping me for an uglier girl? What was so sweet about blushing at contact? It wasn't fair. Nobody talked about us like we were special, we were never the talk of the school.

Why wasn't I good enough for him? Why did she have to be better?

I loved him. I loved him. I really, truly loved him, more than I ever felt about anyone before.

I would have died for him.

I loved him.

It wasn't fair.

I wrote this because whenever I read a romance fic that has "competition", the slutty girl who wears too much makeup, I always wonder, why is she so evil? So maybe her methods are a little off, but she's still human. So this is from her perspective, her story.