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ALSO: Yes, there is a movie called John Tucker Must Die! This has absolutely no relevance to that movie; in fact, this was created before I've ever heard of that movie.

Creation Date for this piece: 2006 Mid- Summer


Title: Hayabusa Abumi Must Die!

By: Melissa Norvell

Rating: T

Genre: Humor/Romance/Action/Adventure/A little angst

Warnings: Violence, Sexual situations and innuendoes, HETERO

Summary: HETERO.What do you do when women you barely know are trying to kill you? Avoid death and try to make sense of it all without dying first!


HayabusaAbumi Must Die!

By: Melissa Norvell


"Sorry, I must go," the young boy with short, messy hair said as the dim lighting of the grey, rainy sky found its way to the forest of short spikes. "Being a ninja isn't the life I want to lead."

He stared the mysterious vixen's darkened form with slanted, sharp brown eyes. His mask hid the bottom part of his face as he spoke and the only indication that his lips were moving was the thin layer of black fabric that moved with his lips.

"Just remember, you still owe me," she replied, the words rolled off of her lips smoothly. Her voice was tough and spunky, much like your typical bad girl and she dressed in a Chinese style dress with white stockings and zori sandals. The rain came down from the skies above and dampened their clothes. His black ninja suit clung to his body and his green, cloth belt felt heavy on his waist.

"I promise. Anytime you need me, I'll be there to serve and reclaim my duties as a shinobi," the boy told the Chinese-clad woman. He would not break his promise to her, no matter what the cost.

"I get to have your head if you don't, right?" No matter how amused her voice was, he knew that she meant that phrase with all seriousness attached.

"Sure, you have my word," the ninja parted ways from her. As he walked slowly into his large city he thought about all that he'd left behind and looked towards the rain-filled skies as relief washed over him.

'For now…It's a normal life for me,'his thoughts were those of peace and until the next time he was needed, he would act as a normal school boy, unaware that he would soon be needed for an entirely different purpose and those he left behind, would soon come back to haunt him in the worst ways.

To Be Continued…

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