It would be so easy

Forbidden love is over rated

Its not a romantic as they say

Forbidden love is my love for you

The only twist is that I'm the one forbidding it

I know you'd love me

But I know I might hurt you

I know you'd be good to me

But I don't know if I could deal with you

We're best friends

Yet we argue all the time

If we were together we would be forever hurting each other

We could never be

I won't allow it

It would be too much

It would be a suicidal love

It would kill us both

Before it got better

It would hurt us both

More than we could stand

I can tell you like me

You can tell I like you

But I won't allow it

This forbidden love

I just how is dissolves as these days go by

But sadly it seems to be getting worse

Each day I think of you

I miss you

I want you

When ever we're together we always sit close

I love feeling your warmth

Hearing your breath

I love being near you

My forbidden love

I wish I could love you

I wish I could hold you

I wish this wasn't a forbidden love

But things aren't different

I can not have you

I won't let this happen

This suicidal forbidden love

I care for you too much

To let that happen

I think you feel the same way

So this is how it'll be

Two friends

Two lovers

But always with others

Never together

Just two friends in love