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Too Shy, Too Late

By BabyPop Massacre

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It was hot.

The extreme, unforgiving, windless Texan weather was barreling down on me like a curse. My two useless water bottles were left to bake in the driveway and my kid sister's plastic swimming pool was turning more into a motionless Jacuzzi with every passing second.

I was deep in the internal affairs of my car, a Nissan Altima, manufactured in 1999. The carpet was a crumbly mess, the seats were even worse and I promised myself I would never leave gum in the vehicle again.

I decided to take a break; climbing out of my sauna of a car. I wiped the sweat that dampened my forehead and surveyed the work I had done. There was still so much to do. Exhausted but eager, I searched the yard for something else to do when a voice caught my attention. It belonged to a girl who was walking her dog. Curly-haired, althetic, and dark, she had a pleasant look on her face despite the glaring sun.

Azia Davidson.

It was a name that always made me smile. I had seen her many times before walking her dog around the neighborhood. I had no idea where she lived and I had gained her name through a friend at a house party. Unfortunately, that was all I gained regarding her. I never had the courage to approach her and when the opportunity came, friends backing me up, I would slink off.

Azia was the perfect girl; strong both physically and mentally. She was the kind of girl you would want to sort of rule over you. She would stand up for you if things got messy, encourage you when you feel empty and I just knew she was a fantastic lover. She's everything I want in a girl but…I can't have her.

Because Azia doesn't like me.

My friends try to mention me around her. They exaggerate my talents, my accomplishment including receiving the title as valedictorian and no matter what they say I come across as nothing special. He's too shy I think was her reason. I don't even think she's ever been with anyone outside her race either.

I'm a firm believer in love at first sight and my heart still jumps when she passes by my house. She may overlook me, give me a sympathetic smile but I'll never treat her the same way. She is my princess, the ruler of my heart and I refuse to think of her in any other way.

Combing my brown hair out of my face with my fingers, I fixed my posture and waved at her. It was a stupid thing to do. I knew her reaction would be the same as it always was-a flick of the wrist.

"Hi Landon." She grinned slowly fluttering her fingers. It was sounded so smooth, welcoming and sincere. The wind seemed to have come out of nowhere. Flowers from the neighbor's Crape Myrtle fell like snow around us and the weather didn't seem the least bit hot.

"Uh, hi." I stumbled over my words while waving back. She continued walking and I doubted she even heard me over her IPod. It didn't matter. She acknowledged me.

I was excited, overjoyed, and it didn't even hurt that much noticing the sparking ring on her finger. That was no accessory. I knew that small piece of jewelry had meaning. Azia Davidson was the perfect girl and now she was going to become someone's perfect wife.

Swallowing this fact as best I could, I turned back to cleaning out my car.

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The End

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