It would be so easy

What has happened?

We were like one

I told you everything

You were my best friend

My future husband I thought

I knew you like me

But then it happened

I did something I couldn't tell you about

You would have never understood

I hardly understood myself

I knew if I told you that you would have been so angry

I was partly scared

I was partly ashamed

I wanted you to love me

But after that things were different

There was a wall building between us

Small things build up a huge wall

Now we're practically strangers

When we talk its guarded

So much has changed in my life

Even if we were talking it would be right

Your life is so shelter

In way how a teenagers life should be

You haven't seen the evils of the world first hand yet

But I have

I'm in the middle of them

We can't understand each other anymore

I'm sorry

I wish it wasn't so

I loved you so much

Now its all changed

You have Her

She doesn't deserve you

But then again no one is good enough for you

But still she's there

She's taken my place it seems

I'm afraid for you matt

I really am

What if she breaks your precious heart?

Your still my friend even if we don't talk that much any more

I would still die to save you

But part of me is angry with you

How can you listen to what I told you and think it's a joke

You just think I'm being over dramatic

I was serious

I'm sorry

I wish things were back to the way the used to be

No one else

Just us