Tragedy's arrow spun and spun,

And landed on the province of SiChuan

Buildings crumbled, lives dissipated

Why was this calamity prewritten and harshly fated?

Barricaded by policemen, a father felt so helpless

Being told that his son's body was found, lifeless

The middle-aged woman who could not live on

Knowing her beloved husband is forever gone

Someone you always took for granted

Now in your heart deeply planted

The "thank you" and "sorry" you were reluctant to say

Will never make it to them, no matter how hard you pray

Deprived of shelter, deprived of love

Hoping your loved ones are tranquil above

A permanent scar that will forever remain

In these hearts, filled with unparalleled pain

But miracles do happen and survivors are found

With a weak smile, they'll walk forward, homebound

With generous donations, even a penny or a dime

Sichuan will be rebuilt, one step at a time

Tears will storm, hearts will feel

But one day our hearts will heal

Hand in hand, we'll surpass the pain and sorrow

Heads held high, we'll leap towards a bright tomorrow!