Sometimes I feel so old

Sometimes I feel so old

So worn out

In my few short years here I have seen so much

So much pain

So much love turned sour

So much hate

So much violence

Why me?

People who need guidance always come to me


I want to help then yes

But sometimes I don't know how

It scares me

Their lives

In my hands

My small hands


I have seen people ruined by some ones foolish words

All their life the ones they loved have put them down

Dashed their hopes and reams to the ground

Made them believe life isn't worth living

That they aren't good enough

Hearts broken to pieces

They thought they found true love

Then it disappeared

They were left alone wondering how someone could lie like that

Complete and utter despair

When they realize that the ones they love most don't care

When they finally believe what people have told them all their lives

That they are worthless

Not good enough




It makes me so sad

Sometimes I wonder how I deal with it

I wonder how I don't end up depressed

I wonder why I stay with these people

Nothing is holding me here

Except our friendship

I want to help them

They want and need help

But it still makes me sad

Why is this world so evil?

Why does God let this happen?

The murders

The rapes

The abuse

Why is there so little good?

Why doesn't anyone care?

No one does anything unless it benefits them

Love is so rare

Selfishness is king

Why are people so cruel to each other?

People hurt others as entertainment

No one respects others

Children, wives are beaten

The kind exploited

The poor preyed upon

Life disregarded


I wish I knew

I wish I knew