Sometimes I feel so old

I wish I knew where my home is


Will be

I don't feel like I belong here

Why not?

Why not?

This is my home

Where I was born


But somehow I don't belong here at all

Something is missing

Only there did I feel like I belonged

Half way across the world

Thousands of miles from my family and friends

That's where I felt like I belonged

I found them

My children I call them

My sons

My world

My home

My real home

Somewhere I can live



Here most people don't understand

What going on around

They just don't see

All they know is their tiny universe

Are they blind?

Am I crazy?

Am I the only one who sees?

The only one who wants to understand?

The only one who wants to help?

Save those who need it

Am I the only one who cares?

I just want to go back to my real home

Maybe then it will all make sense

Maybe then I'll be able to understand

Maybe then I'll find what I'm looking for