Sometimes I feel so old

I love you

I really do

But I can't trust


Not again

I went on thinking for so long that you cheated

You say

You swear that you didn't

I said I believe you

But I still don't trust you

The thing I fear most is to be deceived

To think you love me and you don't

To fall in love with you

And have you not care

Have you just use me

Just play me

It scares me

And you used to love to play those kinds of games

Mind games

But I can tell you've changed

A lot

But I'm still scared


I can't trust you

I know it hurts you

You said you'd do anything


To win back my trust

But its not that easy

It takes time

I'm so scared

I can't do this

I know it hurts you

But I can't

Not now

Not soon

Please understand

I can't