Slipping Away

You don't understand
What I'm thinking
What I'm doing,
And what I'm going through

You don't know
How I feel
How I want to feel,
And how I try to deal with things

I want you to know
That I'll always trust you
Though the past is buried in snow
I'll love you 'til the end

I've been hurting you all along,
Though I tried to
I couldn't be strong
I couldn't be who I wanted to be

And now you hate me
So without me, you flew;
Left nothing in my hands,
And nothing to look forward to..

All those carefree talks
The times we smiled, and laughed
The times we took peaceful walks
As if it was all right

But I realize now
That it was just a tip
Everything we shared,
Even our friendship

I was cold to the touch,
Saying those things..
The things that hurt you so much
That eventually hurt me

We met and talked
Then went our own ways
We came together once more
But ended up leaving again, for days

It was always like that
The happiness and the pain
The feelings all mixed together
Until there wasn't anything to gain

You misunderstood
What I meant,
I misunderstood
What you meant

We all fell apart
We left each other
In search of something else,
Something that isn't a bother

We already let go
And we can't come back
The time became slow
With every day that passed

Is it really over?
It's so hard to say
All we ever had..
Is slipping away