The way they've convinced us to invest in deprivation of the self
Helping us into our recycle bin homes
It's just so easy to reuse and be used
Abusing these sacred circles created with the consistency of tissue paper
Dissolving in our mouths as we roll them between our teeth
Eating and smoking our fundamental wishes we once asked for
But it's such a bore

Two and a half minivan kids running about
Shouting till our tongues are sore from sticking to the roofs of our mouths
Crowding with each awkward kiss
Planning to slightly miss
Move to the side and resist something lacking the temptation of innuendo it once held
You don't want to be held
Welded to the edge of the bed trying to remember
The things completed when the sheets were floral not this formal

And he says you're not the same but you blame him because
He just never talks to you
And on cue communication falls and all that's left is silence
You'll buy new wallpaper
He'll stay at work a little later
You're both just catering to this lovely feast of breaking fidelity
No longer basking in the suns of felicity and bliss
Missing affection and knowing
The gardens aren't growing that twisted together
Rather they've been torn out
The greenery's dying and each of you are lying
To children so blithely but never with the other
What a bother passion is in the midst of all this

And soon you're dividing the shingles on the roof
The trees and the keys and the cat of course too
Moving out?
Him not you
But soon you'll lose ten pounds
And all the boundaries a silly wedding ring brought you will wither
You'll slither from your torn dress of expectations
That worn out piece of memory dictating you down the aisle of life
No longer will you be wife of
Shoved into an emotional kitchen of what is feminine
Maybe the neighbor will lend you a cup of flour now
Come by at an indecent hour and stay a while
Just smile

Because it's what you wanted you see
To be free and floating among the single lilies
A silly stay at home mom thrown off her pristine lawn and into the real world
Not cold and cruel exactly
But lacking that simple touch of security laced between the light bulbs you didn't have to change
Rearranging furniture is more of a chore now that it's accepted
And you're alone when the loan was rejected
Life is still just as hectic but with half the support
Other than those hands so frequently cavorting your skins
Within you're all a mess but you won't confess

Bitterness or hate in something you helped create
Sometimes people fall out of love and sometimes people give up
Only to find they're cupping a draught of acid dreams
If-onlys and what-ifs that leave them wanting
Haunting the crevices buried between their ribs
Addictions that skim their knuckles and chin
When really with each sip they're simply dipping into death
Dressing themselves in funeral attire
Retiring with a tri-fold marriage record
Recorded in the bulletin
Hidden messages as if to say she was never really happy with the ways things went
And sent all hopes of loving to a dank piece of architecture condemned and damned
Cramming the men that the suits like to wear to her parties into the holes in the walls
Breaking bones and building ceilings
And hanging her feelings like chandeliers
But who cares
She's dead now
No longer bowing towards societies mediocrities

Like you'll have another chance
Prance out of jail we'll bail you out
With a few governmental fees
The keys are branded to your palms and it's so easy
It's not sleezy to be married twice
Or thrice sent
On a honeymoon spent in a hotel
Maybe we'll just stay at home and engage in our post engagement coital
The surprise is already soiled
Coiled around bed frames as if to slay virgin illusions
For two have already fused before this
Allowing cells to merge and kiss
DNA drafted into smaller forms of humanity
It's all insanity

But they inform us we're all destined
To rest in hasty marriages
The carriages of newlyweds will soon be converted
Into long pretty hearses for poisonous corpses
Enclosed in coffins of supposed forever
Never tapping into our pitiful happily ever afters