Would it be the same,

If the sunset was scattered?

A thousand shades of grey,

Folding together,

Wrapping themselves in divine promises,

Waiting silently,

Pretending to believe their dreams might come true,

And that maybe,

Somewhere in the distance,

A faint whisp of yellow would emerge,

Through the entanglement of clouds,

The scattered stars,

The reflection in your eyes,

Squinting to make out if it was real…

And it would spread,

Like the words they whispered

That Friday night,

Under a sunset,

Just like this, only in color…

And yellow would soar into a thousand shades of orange,

Branching out across the sky,

Jutting out with passionate scarlet,

And just as ribbons of color burn to the edge of the sky,

Nightfall would charge from the east,

Wiping out the painting in the sky,

Defeating the passionate sun,

Widening your eyes in surprise,

The cold fingers of twilight gripping at your wrists,

Telling you that somewhere, I'm living,

Just barely,

Pretending to believe your lies,

Pretending to be in love,

Just to be in your arms…

Because I'll never love you,

And you'll never love me back,

And some day,

When brilliant hues reach across the sky,

Reality will defeat us,

Darkness spilling over a perfect canvas…

But for now,

For one split second in time,

You and I can paint the sky.