The Hardest Thing

The hardest thing about goodbye

is when you're watching your love

fade away and there is really

nothing you can do about it.

But still you hold on,

hoping that somehow things would

go back to the way they were.

It's really hard to let go

when you just don't want to

give up because you still

believe in what could've been.

And then you start regretting

those things you said or didn't say,

the things you did or never did.

And you remember the happy times…

You hold on to those memories desperately,

altogether knowing there is nothing

you can do; that no matter how good

and true it was, however great things

could have been, it's just over.

You've said goodbye

and that's that.

It's painful to just watch things

fade away like that.

Especially when they mean

the whole world to you.

But there's nothing you can do

but try to make it

through the pain.

And then maybe, just maybe in time

aou could heal and start

to be happy again.