Her Love's Duel


She sat watching, beneath the tree of the resting acorn

There her love would fight, facing victory or death

He was near; she could hear his heavy breathing

Her knight stood with sword drawn facing uncertain doom

Where would they be if the Enemy took his life?

What was worth giving up for love?


He was determined to give all for love

In the shelter of the watching acorn

He would release the things that held him in this life

It was not pointless, he knew, to face death

His heart was set; he would battle doom

Just so he could once again hear her breathing


The duel began, she fought to keep breathing

She could not bear to watch the struggle of her love

He must triumph or bring her doom

In the midst fell the waiting acorn

Was he strong enough to conquer death?

Or must he surrender life?


There he stood: the love of her life

Thrusting, Fighting, Bleeding, Breathing

Then she knew it all must end in doom

Why must it be this way, my Love?

They fought now atop the fallen acorn

She searched for hope, but found only doom


She watched him as he realized how to avoid doom

Somehow he knew that through death could be brought life

As did the now buried acorn

It's shell broken, now it began it's breathing

As the acorn does, so would he express his love

For he knew that life was brought through death


The pinnacle was reached; she knew now must be death

She watched as he fought himself which brought only doom

His flesh would die today to bring tomorrow's truest love

He was to sacrifice himself for her so that their love has life

Through his death life would flow; he needn't keep breathing

Their love would grow as the oak grows from the acorn


For her, the knight gave his life

He ceased to breathe and conquered doom

Through his death he showed his love

And became like the Acorn