Cue the Sun (Because I'm tired of this Darkness)

No one has to know

That you spent the day with me.

No one has to know,

That I haven't really forgotten.

So please,

Cue that damn sun already.

I'm tried of this Darkness.

I'm tired of always saying that I'm doing well.

I'm tired of always smiling at people,

Who aren't you.

I'm so tired of always talking about my day,

And how perfect it was,

Without you.

I'm sorry for writing this,

Because I know you'll read it,

And know it's about you.

I'm sorry for not being there,

And not being,

What you wanted.

I'm sorry for not being what you needed.

We could stay happy,

If we just don't think about each other,

But I'm always hoping,

That we could someday,


I'll be honest,

And say I cried for your touch.

I'll lie and say,

That I never think about you.

I'll hide the fact that,

I still smile at the pictures we took together.

I'll never tell you that,

When I was with you,

I was the happiest person alive.

No one would have to know,

If you came over.

We could still pretend,

That we despise each other.

No one would have to know,

That we still laugh together.

I never said it,

So you could never know,

But I want you to know,

That I always meant it.

I just couldn't show it.

Everyday I felt it.

Chase away this Darkness,

And become my Light,


I promise,

That no one will know.

You can still be you,

And have your friends.

I can still be me,

And write my stories,

But no one would have to know,

That we meet every Saturday,

And have the greatest times ever.

Like that story,

That I always forget the name of.

Don't just toss this away,

And pretend everything will be okay.

Because it won't be,

For me.

I'm sorry you cried alone.

I'm ashamed that I turned out to be a liar.

I regret the fact that I can never see you again.

I apologize if you can live without me.

I'm tired of it all.

I'm tired of having this dream,

That causes me to write,

About you,

When I don't want to.

The dream of your smile.

I hate that you're my inspiration.

I hate that I can't see clearly in this Darkness.

I don't want this to be,

The only thing,

Concerning you and me.

No one has to know,

That you still cherish our time together.

Don't pay any attention to him,

Because he doesn't mean anything.

Don't look at them,

Because I would give them all up,

To have you.

I hate the fact that my eyes burn after tearing up for two seconds,

And it takes hours for that feeling to go away.

I hate the Dark.

So give me the key,

That unlocks the box,

And give me back my damn Sun.

Because I need your Light.

-Kir Sirin