dear baby boy
i can't promise you anything
nothing i can really give
besides my soul
and my heart, but it's not even whole
it's pointless to give something so unfufilled
we all lose our meaning once we dedicate it away
and i lost mine long ago
i can't give you anything
besides my soul
it's everything that i am but
i don't even know that anymore
can you still take me?
give me life in prison in your arms
chain me up in unbreakable love, and don't forget my name
scream it. i want to hear
who i am, straight in my face but
make sure it's everything i want to hear
and i want to stay here

baby boy
when you're asleep, dream of me
it's the only place where our innocence can lie
the only place where nobody can touch it
it's safe and tucked neatly in bed,
for ever, and please, let's just stay
why won't you just dream
i dream all of the time
but one day i finally woke up
there you were
and now i can't dream
because there is nothing better than this
besides knowing what this all really means
besides knowing who i truely am
and i don't know if that'll happen because
i don't want me

i just wanted to know you
and please take me
take me captive
wrap me in your unbearable love, all you can give
i always want so much
but i don't want myself
even though it's all i have
can't you just take these promises i've always held
take my sleep my eyelids cannot grasp
and take my virtue
and turn it into "us", make us one
take my heart, unwholeheartingly and all
make it whole
fill that void that's crying
we are hungry and weak
and we just want to sleep
but we can't tonight
we're too busy soulsearching
and finding who we can trust to hold
our most valuable gifts,
unvaluable and all

you said you wanted to make me find happiness
and my innocence is broken
but hasn't it always?
you are my happiness
baby, baby, be my only one,
make me yours and be mine
i'm done searching
you're the closest i've got
just take me captive in your arms because
i don't want my wings
i don't want to be free