Brad lounged sprawled across the couch in the back lounge of the bus as the bus bumped down the interstate. Adam sat on the floor at his feet playing something on the in bus x box.

After a few minutes Brad snapped his fingers at his friend, "Adz, fetch me a beverage."

Adam looked at him incredulously, "Are you serious? I'm not fetching you a beverage. Fetch your own damn beverage."

Brad glowered at him for a moment and then pointed sternly toward the front of the bus. "Woman, I said fetch me a beverage."

Adam's mouth fell open slightly from a combination of suprise and insult.

"How the hell am I the woman?" he sputtered throwing the x box controller at his friend's head.

Brad dodged the controller, "Because you're the one with the long hair and the big butt. Now, woman fetch me a beverage."