The Morning After

Light exploded into Julie's eyes when her eyelids forced themselves to finally open. She squinted a little, letting her hurting eyes adjust to the harsh glare that assaulted her from the dingy single light bulb above. Disorientation washed across her as she struggled to remember where she was, causing her to moan from the Herculean task it took her to think. Where was she? How did she get here? How long had she been lying here?

Those questions and more rapidly came to her, each demanding to be heard and answered, making it harder to grasp the cloud like wisps of memory that floated in the maelstrom of her mind. She vaguely remembered what she guessed was the night before, or rather what she had hoped was the night before. She had been out late with friends...somewhere. A club? Bar? No, that didn't seem right. Wait...the party! That was it! The big party that frat was throwing...what was their fraternity name? Delta something something? She couldn't remember right then.

But the party! It had been so wild, so many people there and so much to drink! She had consumed way more then her usual 'safe' amount, drinking whatever anyone handed her without a care in the world. And now she was paying for it, apparently having blacked out and awakened sometime later...somewhere. Julie then realized where ever she was, she was freezing... that and she was very hungry. When was the last time she ate? Was it before the party? She didn't remember if she had, but if not that would explain how the alcohol had such an extreme effect on her.

She made the attempt to stand up, her bones creaking and popping from the effort. God, she was so sore! What the hell had she done last night that had her in such agony now? Even her usual cheer-leading practice had never left her this stiff and aching the next day. A soft groan escaped her lips as she slowly and painfully made her way out of the strange room, the only thoughts really occupying Julie's mind were how bitterly cold she was and how empty she felt from starvation.

Stumbling past a mirror, she spared a minimal glance at her reflection, wincing a little at how rough she looked waking up. Long tangled, filthy once lustrous blond hair hung around her still pretty but dirty face like a shroud, obscuring her pale blue eyes from clear view. Her once stylish tight designer jeans and fashionable white blouse had somehow been torn in many places and were covered in dust, grime and...was that blood? Christ, what in blazes happened to her last night?

She fought to remember, seeing broken up mental images of the party and taking assorted drinks from strangers at the party. One stood out a little more then others, the image of that cute guy that said he was studying to be a doctor and how he had made sure her cup was never empty, always full of the strong strange tasting drink...what was his name? Tad, Brad, Chad? Julie frustrated herself as she tried to remember his name, her last memory of the night, and was about to scream when she smelled! Oh God, it smelled so delicious!

Julie's mouth was practically watering as she followed the heavenly scent into the next room, her hunger making her move quickly despite how painful she felt. She hastily dove into the meal, briefly wondering who had left it there and almost feeling guilty eating it until she took her first bite. So good and still warm! She thought she had experienced tender and juicy steaks before, her favorite food, that had to have been the best meals in the world, but Julie realized that what she was feasting on now put that meat to shame. Unable to control her hunger, she took mouthful after mouthful of the perfectly spiced delicacy that seemed to almost to melt on her tongue until she finally felt like she had eaten enough.

Sated for the moment Julie tried to think of her next course of action when suddenly, she was startled by someone behind her yelling. She turned around, cringing as she thought she was busted for eating what had obviously belonged to someone else. She then felt a rush of excitement as she saw who was there. Not even sparing a glance backward to the grisly remains of the brutally eviscerated young Latino man she had just feasted upon, Julie hissed at the frightened plump little woman who had just entered the abandoned house and lunged at her.

Her pale crimson covered claws, warm and wet with the blood of the man Julie had found sleeping, savagely gripped the shoulders of the now screaming woman and pulled her closer. Sharp and jagged teeth, still containing tiny pieces of human meat from her last meal, easily ripped through soft yielding skin and tissue, covering Julie with the sudden splash of her victim's warm rich plasma. As she greedily swallowed the large chunk of tasty flesh she had just bitten off of the woman's once puffy face, Julie momentarily thought that what she was doing might be wrong and felt a small twinge of guilt in her recently no longer beating heart.

But the all-consuming hunger took care of the guilt, snuffing it out like a candle in a storm. It told her that she was completely in the right, because if she wasn't supposed to eat the warm yummy fleshy people around her? Then they shouldn't taste so damned good to hungry little zombie girls like her the morning after.


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