I was waiting, for what, I didn't know at the time. I remember I would sit on the same bench, nearly ever night. It had the perfect view of the Moon and it's light would shine accross the dew covered grass. Even in the freezing light i would sit. And wait.

I would sing, it made me whole. I was never any good in my opinion. But still i sang. My own songs, never the same lyrics and always the same melody. It would always soothe me, putting my emotions into song. I would sing my soul to that park and to the night. ever since i was a teen. All the while waiting, never searching, just waiting.

One night, long after my teen years, some one responded to my soul. He had asked me a question. He asked me if my voice had always been so beautiful.

I realise now that he is what I was waiting for. I still sit on my bench every once in a while. Though not to wait. I sit to bathe in the beauty of the moonlit air.

And I no longer sit alone, I sit with him. My one true love. We sit together, forever.