Chapter 1

We laid there unable to breath, unable to touch each other or open our eyes and explore our naked bodies. We had just parked our bikes beside the rock shaped like an owl about ten minutes ago; or at least it seems. It's been exactly one hour and twentyfour minutes since we left his house. Did it really take that long to ride up here? Maybe time just goes by extra quick when you're having this kind of fun.


Yes. I love it when he touches my neck and kisses it. He does it in such a sensual way that makes me want to beg more, more, more! His lips are soft and warm, like old bed sheets coming out of the dryer. They feel so good pressed against my neck. I want this to have no end, but unfortunately we're only human. Well, I can't say that we're only that because him and I, we're animals. I mean, really; we're like demons on a rampage for love and we just don't stop.

Today is such a hot summer afternoon though and we didn't last as long as we usually would, but every time can't be as good as the last, I suppose.


There he goes again, doing that thing I like. Did I say like? I meant LOVE. How does he always know what I want, when and how?


Maybe he's a mind-reader because this feeling is paranormally divine. I can't believe he's mine, all mine. hope he always will be. I must be very lucky considering my age and all the experience I've had; sexually, that is. I've done so many things with this boy like suc - - Wha..? What happened? Why is he stopping? Don't stop! I guess he's just tired, I am. It's been a long day. What have I done today?

I woke up at 6:30am when my alarm clock rang and went to do all my morning duties. I went to school, kissed the sexy boy beside me good morning and walked to homeroom stopping a few times to hug my friends. I signed into HR and argued with the teacher, like every other morning. Lunch was regular today, I guess I had a pretty much average day; except for now. Let's see, after school I went to his house and he made me some grilled cheese – yum! I love that too! – Then we went to Pawtucket Road on our bikes and got some ice cream at our favorite creamery; Lemon Stones. I got what I always get, coffee flavored ice cream sprinkled with coconut and he got his weird fusion of mint, vanilla bean, butternut and cookie dough flavored ice cream with Oreo and M&Ms on top. YUCK! After paying our weekly 11.95 we sat outside and watched the cars go by and the foolish old men next to us trying to fish in the mini lake of dirty water. Once done, we got on our bikes and up the hill we went to where we are now. We parked our bikes between the rocks with nests on them and climbed up to the owl rock or 'Rokyowl' (roc-ee-owl) like I call it. As soon as I sat down to rest he came and began to remove my shoes. Myro Converse was wet and dirty from jumping on the rocks that were almost completely in the water and so were my socks which made my feet stink a little. He didn't seem to mind that as soon as he took off my pink and grey socks a bad odor was in the air. He took off his own shoes and then his belt, t-shirt and beater. The sun shone on only him like a spotlight and he looked even sexier than he did with his shirt on. I laid my head on his chest and we rested there for a few minutes until I was temped to touch him. I began to suckle on his left nipple and started to move myself down and lower until I was on my
destination. I stuck out my tongue and licked from bottom to the very tip. Before it was even in my mouth, he moaned and that gave me this inner energy that made me want to do it fast and hard, but I'm pretty sure I was just getting wet. He
moaned for a few minutes and pulled out protection from his right pants pocket. He put it in my hand telling me with just a motion that he wanted to have sex. I grasped it in my hand and put it in my back pocket saving it for later. He pulled out
another and I just did the same thing again.

He came while I got up a bit to put the condom in the pocket and I didn't notice. I was half an inch away from positioning my lips on his dick again when he grabbed my chin to let me know. I was pleased that he did that because he knows I would
never let that icky, thin, clear/white stuff near my face. He cleaned himself off with his beater and threw it aside. We began to kiss and soon he was down on me. He didn't do anything though, he was teasing me; he always does that and I love it. He likes to make me wait for everything when he knows I want it badly. I try to do the same but I just can't help myself. He moved up and down on me, but never really doing anything. It still turned me on enough to moan loudly though. After a couple more seconds of doing that he finally stayed in one place and sucked and licked so pleasurably that even he moaned while he did it. He shoved one of his fingers down my jeans and up there to increase the pleasure. I was in total bliss.

I picked the perfect day to not wear a belt, and it's a big coincidence that I wore low riders too. He asked me how I felt, I remember it clearly, and I answered him in a deep moan with a congenial "sensational" of satisfaction. He apparently got
turned on by my answer and began to go faster. He stopped for a few seconds to loosen my pants and pull them down a little, just enough to show the area where my pubic hair begins, so that he could do it more comfortably. It was my own kind
of inferno in heaven. I was light-headed from all the loud breathing and just wanted to tear all of my clothes off and fuck him to abyss. But it was too early for that, too light out. He slowed down and took a brief pause before telling me he loved to make me happy. I smiled and caressed his cheeks with the back of my hand. He smiled back and went back to work.

What came next was chimerical. 69; it's all I have to say. I'd never done that before and I'm not trying to be egotistic, but I think I did a pretty good job for my first time. He was ululating with such a high volume of voice that I thought the

dolphins were going to hear it from the other side of the ocean. The feeling is indescribable. Just thinking about it is making the shock wave feeling come back.