It still feels like
It was yesterday
That I was bullied
That's the problem

I don't think they knew
How they hurt me
Because I ignored the pain

I am strong
And always will be
I will not let them win

Yet for all my strength
I am still alone
And miserable

I don't fit in
I won't fit in
So people hit out at me

They can't control me
And it scares them
More than they admit

It feels like they're all
Against me
Though I know it can't be true

It's hard not to be paranoid
When you know
Most people hate you

But through it all
Time passed
Life went on
We all grew up

I'm stuck with them
With the people who hurt me
Though they stopped long ago

It's time to forgive
And forget
If I can

But still, it feels like yesterday
So I can't trust them
And I'm still alone