You just don't see it do you?
The pain and misery I've been put through
One quite old and one quite new
It's getting crazy, I'm torn in two

The first became my everything
The only thing I wanted
And though his pureness I could see
By the rest, he was taunted

The first left me without warning
That cut me up inside
It wasn't something I could put aside
It was hardest in the morning

The second helped me after that
And things became much better
But he couldn't break that barrier down
And the days just became wetter

The second tried his best to keep me
Even though he knew he wouldn't
As much as I wanted to keep him close
I knew in my heart, that I couldn't

The first returned under strange circumstances
Something hard to comprehend
The second had me doing dances
With the messages he tried to send

You just don't see it do you?
How I cannot make this choice
It's not something I want to do
Blocking out his voice.