be lie ve

i lived my life hopping trains
looking through rigid cellophane eyes
for my empyrean.

beautiful things are nothing anymore.

the crescent of the violet moon
elapses over the turth in your words
the crackle of your shotgun kiss
biting between my splintered lips.

i felt the heat of the sun pour between
the halo of roses strung around my neck,
the eruption of thorns biting into my skin

and you reminded me not to scream
because maybe this is what it is to be

(but i don't like it.)

maybe i'm a killer, maybe i'm nothing.

the ground hangs in effigy
the enigma of my existence whispering with
caustic lips while i felt the confusion swirl inside
my stomach like raw parasites

and i felt myself tumble down to
never never land, the cyanogen raging
through my throat, swallowing down
debris and darkness.

just another hopeless star.

i climbed the tallest mountain, and i sputtered letters
that left cold scar inside my cheeks, like prison bars
(and i'm trapped inside myself.)

you told me "you're never going to make it"
and the skies held me in ragged hands
whispering "starless" in my ears.


just another solider in the war.

some people are meant for greatness, and
some people pretend because it's the only thing
they know how to do.