A/N: Some quick notes. An essentia is a creature I created. They drink blood but other than that they don't really have any similarities between vampires. Dimitri is an Enforcer (kinda like a cop in their world) Nadia is his promised which just means that her parents gave their permission for him to claim her at a young age in exchange for his protection, etc...

this is just a oneshot for two of my fav characters in my little imaginary world. I'm planning on making more like this (well maybe not a lemon all the time). THIS IS MY FIRST LEMON!! I'm not sure if I did too well, but I decided to see if I could write one...anyway enjoy!

The rich and alluring scent of blood invaded her now flaring nostrils, though it wasn't just any blood it was Dimitri's blood. She slammed her book shut and raced down the ornate staircase to investigate-hoping that her mate wasn't suffering a grave injury. Now that she could see him she impatiently jumped down the remaining ten steps landing in a crouch, she raised her pale gold head to find ice melting her. His glacier-blue eyes had always sent a now not so mysterious heat racing up her spine and diffusing throughout her body. Now was no different, even if he wasn't watching her with a smoldering sensuality, they were instead filled with amusement and a bit of surprise-as though he had forgotten that she could be a predator if she had to be. Being a predator wasn't her foremost skill however, and so when she saw no obvious injury on him she lost her stance and opted instead to glide to him for investigation. "Are you bleeding?"

"Not anymore." His voice-as always-held no emotion yet the baritone vibrations of it shot tingles down her spine to a very intimate part of her. His seemingly cold exterior did not stop her from running her hands over him in attempt to determine if he was lying. He placed a featherlight kiss on her forehead before gently pushing her away.

When he removed his thick leather coat she still didn't see anything and so assumed whatever it was he had healed quickly. "What happened?"

"It was only a small cut." It didn't explain what had happened to warrant this small cut but she knew that he wouldn't tell her, he never spoke about his work. She breathed a soft sigh and brushed an unruly section of dark brown hair from his eyes. Despite his reassurances she continued her small exploration; certain that despite their quick healing abilities there would be an ugly hole in him somewhere. He halted her roaming hands and placed a gentle kiss, this time, on her lips. "Nadia, I promise I'm fine." As innocent as the little kiss had been it sent a fiery jolt up her spine and to her core.

"I don't believe you, I think I should check the rest of you..." Her words trailed off suggestively sending a beautiful, if rarely seen, smirk to his lips and darkening his pale eyes to a much darker shade of blue. A hue she knew all too well. She took a hold of his battle-scarred hand and led him to their bedroom. Delicately she placed pale, graceful hands at the hem of his brown-leather shirt, an article she knew served like armor as the coat did. Removing the leather armor revealed a muscled torso made strong by thousands of years of training and battles, and arms made lean and long by the unnaturally heavy weight of his sword.

She saw no injury, she hadn't really expected one, but she did see the small bit of blood the healed cut had left behind. She met his eyes with her own dark blue and flicked her tongue across the spot, cleaning him. He was an ancient and his blood was rich. Most young essentias (she was only 17 herself) would not have been able to drink from him without becoming sick but Nadia had been raised with it, he always provided for her. She did not hover on the one spot for long though, knowing that he would become impatient and her little game would be over, and began to slowly circle until she was behind him. She brushed the tips of her claws against his scars; tracing his past and future. She nuzzled her face between his shoulder blades before coming in front of him again. If she had thought his eyes had smoldered before she had been delightfully wrong! If she wanted to finish with her fun she would have to move a bit quicker, he would only indulge her for so long.

She placed a well manicured claw just below his breast bone and followed an imaginary path to his belt, stopping for only a moment to circle his navel. She could see the more than evident bulge just below the zipper and her hands shook as she tried to undo the belt, her courage was rapidly draining. His hands stopped her before she could try the zipper, "You don't have to do this Nadia. You needn't prove anything to me."

Goddess knew she wanted to though! She absolutely hated herself. How could she keep doing this to him, her mate? For two years he's had the right to demand her body and for two years he has not acted on it. She just wanted to make him happy; make him proud. She felt a traitorous tear burn a hot trail down one cheek. It felt as though her own body were scorching her for her mind's incompetence. Dimitri cradled her head between his hands and used a thumb to brush away the accusing moisture. His arms encircled her and brought her into him so he could hold her, she felt him nuzzle the top of her head as he slowly rocked them. "I'm sorry." She whispered it, choosing to ignore how needy she sounded.

"Hush, love. You did nothing wrong." He continued to slowly rock them, now rubbing soothing circles on her back. But she continued to mutter "I'm sorry" over and over again. When her sobbing subsided he continued to hold her for awhile longer until, finally, she pulled herself back a little. He kissed each cheek, her nose, and finally her lips. "Why is this so important to you? You know I will wait." She made one more sniffle and she knew it made her sound entirely pathetic.

She allowed herself to collapse at the foot of the bed, she was disgusted with herself, "I just, I just want to make you happy." She sniffled again, "You deserve more than this." She waved a hand over herself scornfully, or at least attempted to. He grabbed her hand and sat next to her-his pale eyes now reflecting the hard strength of his body.

"You will not speak of yourself in such a way!" He didn't yell the command, but he never yelled, yet the hard edge to his voice and mouth (as well as the low growl) made her whimper submissively. She knew when to rebel and when to obey and now was a time to obey. She attempted to hang her head, but he gently placed one finger under her chin and lifted her gaze to his own. His expression was still hard but it softened a little at her slight fear. He pulled her head to his shoulder and stroked her hair while speaking much more softly, "You are beautiful in every way Nadia. What happens to your confidence when faced with me? I've seen the way you are at school, you're so confident you're almost arrogant." He spoke the question in a near whisper but she knew he expected an answer.

"I don't really know." No, she did know. "Hasn't anyone ever told you how intimidating you are?" She stood now, "I mean come on! You're an ancient and I'm just some little girl you're promised to! I'm terrified that you'll find some gorgeous older woman to satisfy you and I can't say I'd blame you!" She would have said more, or screamed more, but Dimitri had slapped her. She stared up at him in utter shock. The anger radiating off him was suffocating but the passion was humbling.

"How dare you!" It came out an infuriated hiss and she wondered at it. He never allowed emotion when he spoke. "How dare you say such things! I have waited for centuries for you to happen and you dare deny my love for you?" His anger was impressive. It awakened something primal in her, an instinct she didn't fully understand, until now. An urge just begging to be fulfilled and he sensed it. He could smell her, beckoning him, taunting his crumbling self-control.

And his fragile control snapped when she leaped on him and slammed her mouth against his own; her tongue speared into his mouth: hot, fiery, demanding. He was afraid for her. If she became scared again he knew he wouldn't stop, he couldn't let her hide from him any longer. He pushed her back into the bed and hovered above her allowing him to be swallowed by her impassioned kisses and in caging legs. Such long legs...He was just patient enough to get her expensive blouse over her head, her bra and panties were not so lucky (he didn't bother to remove the skirt). She tried to pull away at the sound of the ripping fabric but he did not allow her to surface, didn't allow her enough time to become afraid.

And by some miracle she didn't. He shifted his mouths exploration lower to the hollow between her neck and shoulder where he inhaled her scent and he shifted lower still until he surrounded one pale rose nipple creating a hot wet cavern. He reveled in the sounds of her hard gasping and little sounds, reveled in the knowledge that he was the cause. He switched his attention to the other-repressing a smirk when her back arched against him. He had to suppress a gasp of his own when he felt her soft body press into his own, without the clothing and only her silky skin against his own scarred body. He simply couldn't wait any longer. He traveled lower, planting one chaste kiss on her small midsection, and positioned himself over her sex. He gently massaged her thighs, trying to ease her tension for she had grown nervous at the change of position. The skirt was intrusive and so he ripped it off and flung it away. She tried to close her thighs and conceal herself from his hungry gaze, but he couldn't stand for her to try to hide herself from him.

He grabbed her arms and forced them away from her chest, "Don't. You are beautiful." He soothed her again with his mouth, placing gentle kisses across her face and neck and shoulders. He continued down again until he reached her center, the source of her maddening scent. She gasped and shivered when he placed a soft kiss on the folds allowing his breath to caress her. But it wasn't enough for either of them. Gently he flicked his tongue out to caress her lips barely separating them, she clamped her legs but not in fear. He tongued her again but now with more force until her hands were pulling at his hair and she was writhing and pleading beneath him.

Nadia didn't know how much more she could take. She was on fire, he was fire. He was burning her alive and she didn't want the flames to die. He continued his stroking, bringing her to a world she didn't understand but found herself reaching for. With another stroke her body tensed, waiting. Another swipe and her body shuddered with a tension she didn't understand. And another caress from his cruel tongue forced her over the edge and shattered her. Stars exploded in her eyes and she could only feel her body and what Dimitri was doing to it. Distantly she noted she was screaming, his name a high shrill, a plea, in the air around them.

Slowly she came down from the stars and allowed herself to be embarrassed. Dimitri was, after all, kneeling between her legs with a wicked grin plastered on his very pleased face. He crawled up her body and nuzzled her neck, she thought she heard him purr. "You were absolutely gorgeous." The flush on her face darked but she couldn't help the shy smile that took hold from his compliment. The sound of a zipper and rustling alerted her and by the time she looked to see what he was doing he was already naked.

She couldn't restrain her stare and she was certain, despite her fear, that hunger was glowing in her eyes. Even lacking experience she knew he was impressive, and the sight of his member wasn't the only body part she was referring to. His thighs were strong columns and she could see the muscles flex under his slightly golden skin as he shifted towards her. She was surprised to find that (of her own free will) her legs opened further for him so his hips could become parallel to her own. His lips descended on her own and she waited to feel him enter her but she opened her eyes to find him watching her, "Are you certain?" Was he nuts? She nodded her head in consent, keeping her mouth shut so she wouldn't beg.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and shivered when she felt his tip at her entrance. He hesitated, waiting for her to back out. But she wouldn't and she needed him to know this, she wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles just below his firm buttocks and tried to bring him to her. He consented. She felt him enter her in one swift motion his thickness spreading her in a way she could never have imagined. She had expected it to hurt but it was only a little uncomfortable. Wasn't he supposed to be moving? She opened her eyes to find him watching her again, waiting. She nodded her approval and with her arms around his waist tugged him down to her. He buried his face between her neck and shoulder and began to set a slow rhythm. It was still uncomfortable for a few moments but it quickly transformed to pleasure. If she had thought he was killing her before she had been wonderfully mistaken. Each thrust sent her higher, his length stretched her and filled her completely, leaving no more room inside of her. But it wasn't enough, she needed more. She could see the now familiar world ahead of her but she was still so far away, she needed more. "Dimitri please, faster!"

She heard his rumbling growl, of approval she realized, as though he had been waiting for her all along. And she felt him thrust deeper and suddenly much faster. She couldn't contain the scream (or was it a growl?) that erupted from the back of her throat, and she could not deny that Dimitri's name had been somewhere in that primal howl. Her claws raked down his back and she could smell his blood in the air. She could feel something tightening in her inner most core and reached for it, only now she knew exactly what she was grasping at. She felt his sharp teeth spear her throat, a pain that only increased her pleasure. It was too much and she found her self once again falling over the edge of that figurative world, could distantly hear Dimitri's snarl of pleasure as she came. She was immediately brought back down to him as slammed into her harder, drilling to his own release.

He buried his hands in her hair, "Look at me." his normally indifferent tone was replaced with a hungry growl that demanded her attention. She could feel him hammering into her, setting aftershocks throughout her body. She saw it happen, and felt it. She could both feel and hear the deep, rumbling growl that shook them both right before his hot seed shot into her. He continued thrusting, and growling, until he had emptied himself. He collapsed on top of her not seeming to care if his weight might crush her at all. It didn't.

Everything about what they had done felt so right, so perfect. What had she been afraid of? She couldn't remember. She could only bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. She nuzzled her cheek against his and rubbed his hip with her thigh. This time she knew he purred. He kissed along her neck and jaw before finally settling on her lips. It was a languid kiss, it told her that he loved her and wouldn't hesitate to take her again and soon.

"Hm, do you still think I don't love you?" His question came out a seductive purr but she knew he was waiting for her to answer.

"I think I'll need another demonstration." This time she purred when he let out a rather vicious growl and bit into her throat. She didn't complain though. She knew when to rebel and when to obey and now was a time to obey, even if it didn't feel like a punishment...

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