I'm not the enemy
But if feels like they're after me
This life feels a bit too Lord of the Flies
And I just might be the pig

My time is running out, though I have nowhere to be
I count the seconds as the hours pass me by
While I know I should be patient
It just isn't in me to wait and die

I push the button, but I fear it's been broken
"I need more time" I plead to the sky
Getting only tears in response, I fear
I think my lifeline has been disconnected

I'm not one to wait and see
I played the game like everyone else
Now it's time to set me free

The lock on my cage has rusted with age
The scratches on the wall have all seemed
To disappear with time

"How long?" I ask the ceiling
Only a flicker of light
I'm nothing more than an afterthought

I took the test with nothing to gain
Confidence in arrogance
I could destroy the world
If only I could keep my eyes open