-1Hey Vodka

Hey Vodka

How I'd love to drink you

Your sour, stinging kiss burning my lulling state

But it is wrong

I shouldn't use you

Little bottle full of love, fat with poison

Sinking to the edge of my coffee table, loving me

Drinking in the lamplight

You make long nights longer

Even with the loss of time

Memories I won't remember I attribute to you

And I solemnly thank you

Crystal, body of purity, love-maker

I attribute to you, too, making me a happy patron

Of this sometimes unfulfilling life

With a clear head there's no room nor excuse for my mistakes

Thank you, friend

For being that excuse, whenever I may deserve it

Deservingly, I warm to you, appropriately

You always will understand

Turning, rolling your own label

In the context of our time together it is meaningless

All I see is your hesitant fierceness bringing me closer to emotion

Even just a drop, you mean so much to me

Jun 17, 2008