You pass away in my dreams..
I don't want to wake up.

Maybe you aren't anymore.

Even if I can't fall asleep
I pretend to be slept,
to feel your soft hand
strokes my hair..

It's like a tender kiss
on my forehead before
your whisper in my ear..
Can it be a goodbye if
I don't get to hear it?

Your breath and my breath
mix together, you're closer to me,
lean your head on my lap.

Just let me sleep.

To me your laugh was so annoying
now I'd wish to laugh with you
instead of laughing at you.

In the course of time
I stick the photos we take
on the wall, it's the collage
of our story, even if there
are more sad moments than
happy moments...

Now your annoying laugh turns into a melody
a melody played by violins in my heart
and it's not a broken heart thing.

Everytime I think about you
I smile 'cause of the silly things we've done.

If this is a song,
what the hell if they don't hear, anyway
it's a song for you.

The path built with sapphires
it's the path that'll take you to a new life

The flowers made of rubies,
flowers I'll give you in a new life

The first tear you cried
it's become a diamond
to my emerald sleep, I dream..

You passed away in my dreams.