So I went against my better judgment and uploaded this. It sounds and flows like crap. Dont expect Kir Sirin gold.

The title came from a friend of mine.

The plot was an idea I had two seconds ago.

The Lyrics are "White Lines and Red Lights" by Between the Trees.

The inspiration was from a torn picture of mine.

Thanks Travis.

The ending makes no sense and the lyrics don't give this story anything.

White Flowers and Cups of Coffee with Love Letters

Kir Sirin

I hear her sigh and I try to ignore the irritation flowing from her mouth. I concentrate on the road because our lives are a bit more important than her current annoyances towards me.

I watch another car fly past us and I can't help but smile.

What would people think if they saw us together?

Late night, driving home together
and at red lights we press our lips together
and we're holding tight now
slow it down now

She moves uncomfortably in her seat and I'm tempted to just stop the car and yell, "What?"

But I bite the inside of my cheek and concentrate harder.

I must look like an idiot. I can feel my brows furrow in a way that makes me either look like I'm mad or trying my hardest not to cry.

Why can't she just say something?

Christ, just open that damn mouth and tell me what the hell is wrong. I'm tired of this stupid guessing game.

I slow the car down as the light ahead turns red and I sigh as we make a complete stop.

She knows if I guess at her problems, I'll guess wrong. She wants to be happy, right?

Why can't she just tell me?

Let's take our time
let the moment last
until it feels right
holding back
and not getting to carried away
let the music fade

The light turns green and my foot seems to be stuck.

I can feel her eyes on me.

I try not to laugh at my awkward situation, but my foot just won't budge.

"The light changed." She mutters bitterly.

"Yeah, I know." I retort.

When did I become so angry?

My knuckles turn white and I put the damn car in park.

I turn to her.

Only to find that she's busying herself by looking out the window.

Cause you are the brightest star
I'm in love with who you are
And you are the brightest star
I'm lost without your love

"See something interesting?" I ask. I just want her to turn and look at me.

She doesn't. "Not really."

"Then why are you looking out there?" I curse myself for being such a smart-assed bitch.

She shrugs and remains silent.

I give an exhausted sigh and say, "Just look at me, okay?"


"Just do it." My voice sounds like it's cracking, but I don't feel like crying.

I have no need too.

She turns and looks at me.

Those brown eyes used to hold so much. That spark of gold has disappeared and all that's left is a dull stare.

Her hair's flat today. I have the greatest urge to fluff it out for her or make some joke about how her hair never goes the way she wants it.

But instead I do something I know I'll soon regret.

We are in each others arms
just like a movie scene
cause as we're leaning in
the light decides to turn green

"Look…" I swallow, because I really don't want to start this, but I always end up doing it anyway.

She stiffens.

She knows what's coming.

It seems we both hate talking about this.

"It's just… I mean… You're leaving. Do we have to end things this way?"

She doesn't say anything.


"You started it."

I let out a vapid laugh, "Are we kids or something? Christ, just talk to me."

I wince at how pathetic that sounded.

She continues to stare at me with those dull brown eyes like I'm a mind reader or something.

My hands reach out without my consent and I feel numb as I touch her face.

I don't want to do this.

She doesn't want this, so I don't want to do it. It's just… Does she not notice the tears falling down her face?

Me and you together
this is getting better
just butterflies won't do
I don't want just red lights
I want more of these nights
cause baby I love you

I swallow and try not to say her name. If I say it, I'll lose myself completely in it.

And I can't do that stupid dance all over again.

"You're crying…" I say softly. She obviously doesn't realize it as I wipe her own tears away.

"No I'm not." She pushes my hands away.

"Heh, yes you are." I give a quiet smile, despite the sudden rejection. "Just… Will you be okay?"


Why did I ask that?

She'll just close up again; like she always does.

She gives a grunt and turns away.

But my hands won't allow it.

Cause you are the brightest star
I'm in love with who you are
And you are the brightest star
I'm lost without your love

I roughly turn her to face me and press her back against the car window. My anger is a surprise, but the shock in her eyes is what makes me stop myself.

I look at the floor between us and my heart scolds me for being such a coward.

I guess I have to finish what I started.

Even if it means disaster.

"I just…" I shake my head and refuse to look at her. "I just don't want you to leave…"

"Why? Because you love me?" The bitterness in her voice causes something to pinch my heart and I look at her.

Her dull eyes seem to have changed somehow.

Was that really the truth?

Did this story take an unexpected turn of events?

The anger in her eyes tells me to say, "No, I don't love you. I just want you to stay here… With me."

But I don't want to say that.

Cause you are the brightest star
And I'm in love with you

I have the urge to tell her something that I've kept inside for a long time. I wish I could just pour Vaseline into my mouth to make it fall open and let my words flow freely.

But we already passed the store.

"I…" I fumble for words. I know the line I should say, I know the line I want to say, but my tongue comes up with another plan.

"And what if I do?" I ask. "What then?"

She doesn't seem to have an answer.

"I don't want you to leave. Whatever happened… Just forgive me, okay? You won't tell me what I did wrong and I keep trying to figure it out… But… I keep guessing wrong. Please, just stay… Okay?"

Even if I wanted to say more, my throat dries up and shuts permanently.

When she remains silent, I lean forward and press my lips against hers.

She doesn't want this, my mind whispers.

So I immediately pull back.

Never in a million years will I ever truly kiss her. I will never take her in my arms and make her stay there for eternity. I will never run my hands through her hair or stroke her cheek softly.

Because my mind will always be saying, she doesn't want this.

And, even if I feel her press into it, I will always pull away.

Because, if my mind is right, then I don't want to steal these moments away from her.

And if my mind is wrong, then it seems we both lose.

You and me is what matters most

I start the car again and we drive in silence.

I hear her wipe her hands on her jeans and I quickly brush away the tear in the corner of my eye.

This would never make her happy.

I'm nothing she wants.

She should know by now that she could never want someone like me. She only wants to make me happy by handing me fake-smiles and deceiving touches.

She can think about it as long and hard as she wants.

She'll never feel this way towards me.

I bite my bottom lip as we approach the airport.

After this, she'll only live in my memory.

The edges of her smile, the sunlight shining through her hair, the awkward moments filled with breath and overly-conscious touches.

I won't be able to live with just flashes of memory.

But I allow myself a slight smile as we exit my car and walk inside with her suitcase.

She'll live beautifully.

It's not the intimacy that brings me
closer to you...