Ha, thanks Frozen Summers for that quote.

Pointless, short, and a bit different, but it's better than my other one-shot.

A Twisted Turn of Events

Kir Sirin

I gave a sigh and rolled my eyes as she tried her hardest to get away.

She knew I was waiting.

I smiled secretly when she finally said her goodbyes and walked over to me. I quickly grabbed her hand and stole her away.

We giggled in the dark like mad schoolgirls on their first high as we ran back to the car.

Sometimes it gets old.

The fact that she has to act straight all the time.

When I'm just dying to get her back into my arms.

She shoves my back against the car door and I smirk, "Can't wait?"

She shakes her head, her gigantic smile not allowing her to speak, and giggles some more.

She leans in to kiss me but I place a hand on her shoulder and stop her.

Her smile fades.

I take this rare moment of silence and take her image in.

Her short, black hair falls into her jade green eyes and curls over her soft, pale ear lobes. It's perfectly straight as I run my fingers through it and twist the tips. She has exactly three freckles on her perfect face.

I had spent the morning looking for them as she slept soundly.

Her smile, perfect in it's shining beauty, reveals itself to me as she whispers, "What do you see?"

I wish I could tell her that I see the world.

I wish I could tell her that I see my entire future before me, that I find myself lost in this perfection everyday.

But that would put an awkward burden on this physical relationship.

When we met, I had never thought this was going to happen.

She seemed the picture of innocence.

As she kissed my neck, I breathed in sharply and wondered how in-the-hell this happened.

My hands fisted her black hair and I tugged her back to face me.

"Listen," I say softly. Her jade green eyes shot through me. "I…"

I what?

Maybe I'm in-love with you?

How would she react to something like that?

Wasn't it my idea in the first place not to have her fall in-love with me?

I gave a mental sigh.

What an unexpected twist of events.

Her eyes soften and I realize she thinks something's wrong.

I gently stroke the side of her face and whisper, "Your eyes are my favorite color." I give a smile to ease the ebb in my heart and the sadness in those beautiful eyes.

She smiles as I pull her into a chaste kiss.

She was my spaghetti.

She'd be perfectly straight until I heated her up.

A flick of her tongue and my will power vanishes.

I open my mouth and she invades it with the taste of that white chocolate she had just eaten. I can't help the moan slice through the back of my throat as I clutch her shirt and bring her desperately closer to me.

Someone clears their throat, but I won't pull away.

I can't.

I hear it again and I give a low growl when she breaks our heated kiss.

I look over her shoulder and see our friends from earlier looking stunned, horrified, intrigued, aroused, and positively surprised.

I give a short laugh at the unveiling of our dark secret.

She blushes and nudges me in the stomach.

What a twisted turn of events.