Her name was Deadre Rue. Her face was sharp and angular giving her a quickie foxy look which she liked very much about herself. Skin pale and dark charcoal black hair which fell in wavy locks down to her hips. She was tall and slender, but very curvy. But the one thing that set her apart from other girls her age were her eyes. Her eyes were an unnatural yellow color like the sun. It was some genetic mutation passed down from mother to daughter in her family. Her mothers eyes had been yellow, and her mothers mother's eyes yellow, and I'm sure her mothers mother's mother's eyes were yellow. Her mother was Creole and her father was and Irish-American. Her father had been albino which explained her lack of pigment in her skin, but the strange thing about that was that she never got sun burnt. Her grandmother was a physic, but that wasn't as peculiar as what her family (on her mothers side) did for generations. She was from a long line of vampire hunters, but not just hunters of vampires alone. Her mother had been a skilled demon hunter for years until one powerful entity had taken her into another realm when Deadre was young. Her father had been in a car accident about a day after and had been killed after crashing into a large SUV. This left Deadre aloneā€¦ she was sent to live with her grandmother (on her mothers side) until she was out of high school and then she started her own legacy by taking over her mothers where she left off.