The hot water spilled off of her bare back like a cascading waterfall. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers threw her hair as the warm water caressed her body. The water lapped over her face as droplets collected on her eyelashes. The glass of the shower door had began to fog up as she scrubbed at her black tar stained skin. It would not come off.

"Damn it!" Deadre hissed as she scrubbed with a damp cloth with body wash not making any progress. She eyed the home remedy bottles on the shower shelf and made up her mind to try them. First she pulled out the soap mixed with lemon juice. She scrubbed and nothing came off anymore than just using straight body wash. So she pulled out the big guns. The big purple bottle filled with vinegar, concentrated orange juice, and lemon juice. She poured it into the wash cloth and began scrubbing with massive amounts of pressure until the tar started to peel off like dried paint.

"Yes. Thank you Grandma." Deadre said to the ceiling as she began scrubbing her face trying not to get it into her eyes. She then proceeded to wash the vinegar smell off with her green apple scented body soap. The water turned off and the steam stopped as the glass door opened and Deadre's pale arm extended out the door reaching for the white towel and wrapping it around herself. She walked up to the mirror and wiped off the steam with her hand.

"Good morning." came the annoying voice. "It's tomorrow."

"Fuck!" Deadre said as he turned around to face Raelyn. "Don't you know how to knock?"

"I can't knock… silly." she said trying to knock on the wall as her hand slid threw it like a warm knife through butter. "Can't."

"Go away." Deadre moaned throwing her hand threw Raelyn's head which disappeared for a minute and then reappeared on the invisible body. She flung open the bathroom door and steam poured into the hall before she clicked on the fan switch as she exited the bathroom.

"No I won't go away. It's tomorrow and you promised."

"I didn't promise anything. I'm going to bed. Good night. Sleep tight. Go do something, so I can get some much need sleep, so I'm not a psycho crazy bitch in four hours. If you show up in my room I swear to god you'll be sleeping with the fishes. Got it?"


"Good night!" Deadre said cutting her off and then slamming the door in her face.

Deadre awoke to the sound of heavy rock music as a piece of the old plaster ceiling collapsed onto the floor. There was a commotion going on upstairs in the apartment above… probably just the normal bang session from the two lesbians upstairs. Trinity and Serenity are about as gay as you can get. Serenity was the tomboy… she could easily pull of looking like the cutest guy in the world the only thing was she was a chick and Trinity was like Malibu Barbie. Tall, skinny, and blonde. You could normally see them outside in the back courtyard making out and then being scolded by the Jenkins downstairs who are extremely against girl-on-girl action although Deadre secretly thought Mr. Jenkins enjoyed watching them from his living room window with his binoculars at one in the afternoon. Now you try to tell anyone he's against it (of course his wife's not home when he's peeping either). The Guns N' Roses song brought Deadre back into the room as another piece of the ceiling collapsed onto the floor. Deadre was going to have to call the cheap balled ass landlord and get that fixed.

"I hope you to are having fun ruining my ceiling!" She screamed knowing that they would be able to hear her through the blasting Nightrain lyrics. At least it was them waking her up and not the train rolling by on the tracks outside. She turned in bed to look at the clock… It was quarter of six… that train came in about five minutes. "Hey Tri, when your done fucking get me some breakfast!" I screamed though the music and then started laughing hysterically as I herd one of them fall onto the floor with a muffled scream.

"Sure Flie!" she herd a faint yell from above.

"Holy shit!" Deadre laughed again. "I guess they herd me… Thanks!" she yelled back as the music cranked up to an ever more earsplitting volume. She thought to herself that she should start making bets on how long they would go with Mr. Jenkins… she could probably make some good money off of him.

Deadre walked out into the kitchen in a white silk night gown, black waves falling in her face which she brushed behind my ears with her fingers. She opened the white cupboard to the left of the stove and peered around inside for a paper cup. Upon not finding one she took out a glass juice cup with etched polka dots on it and rinsed it out in the sink then filled it up with orange juice. She slid the cup back across the breakfast counter to the side with the barstools and slipped into one of them. Just then the song changed upstairs to Sweet Child O' Mine and she glanced over her shoulder at her cream Flying "V" and then instantly decided not to play along. She didn't want Tri and Seren know she was listening to them… that might be a awkward situation. Taking a sip of orange juice she turned to grab a magazine when she saw the red number one blinking on her answering machine.

"That's new…" she said to no one in particular reaching over to hit the play button which answered her touch with a beep before starting the message.

beep… Hi Dee, it's Jasper, your cousin Jasper. I hope this is your number. I got it off some red headed chick from the Dandelion… god (sigh) I really hope this is you number. I'm coming into the city tomorrow and I need to talk to you… and if it's possible to snag a place to sleep for a couple of days that would be great. If you get this message in time please meet me outside Starbucks at eleven…(dramatic pause) in the morning Dee. I know you're a night owl. Thanks! Hope to see-- beep… Friday 4-12 8:30 p.m. … beep… end of messages… to delete this message press-

Deadre quickly pressed the erase button.

beep… your message has been erased… you have no new messages… beep…

The red light changed back to a solid zero again. She looked into her glass and noticed it was empty.

"Jasper huh? … I haven't seen him in ages. Maybe I should go get him." she looked at the clock on the wall as she refilled her glass with orange juice. "7:10... About four more hours… I guess I could use some company."

Then there was a soft knock on the apartment door.