"Hi Peeps

"Hi Peeps." I said reaching down with one hand to stroke her white back all the way down to the tail. I was balancing a brown cardboard box on my knee and I thrust it up back into my arm and carried it out to the back of my yellow Jeep Wrangler. "One more box and you Peeps and were all set." I said coming back into the front door of the bottom floor apartment. Peeps looked up at me with her steel blue eyes and then managed to wind herself around my legs in figure eights. I bent down and picked her up holding her on the shoulder and gently stroking her listening to her heavy purring in my ear. "You'll like our new house Peeps. It has plenty of birds to chase and hardly any rats." Peeps let out a small yowl. "Oh Peeps… that's a plus for me you know. It's not all about you and you know what that stupid dog won't try to eat you anymore." Peeps cocked her head to the side and let out another satisfied meow. The apartment was now completely empty and it made it look bigger than normal with it's plain white walls and nail holes from hanging pictures on its barren surface. Soon it wouldn't be empty because my best friend was moving in thanks to me and a long phone call to the landlord. I took one more look around making sure I didn't forget anything. All my memories came back to me of my first and now last apartment. Peeps wiggled on my shoulder and I gave her another pat before sticking her into the white cat carrier. I picked up my rather large yellow duffel bag and slung it over my shoulder and picked up Peeps. When I reached the front door I looked around and exhaled deeply as I flicked the light switch off walked out the front door. I closed the white door tightly and locked it dropping the keys into the wall mounted black mail box like the landlord wanted before heading out into the Jeep. I put Peeps in the passenger seat and through my duffel bag into the back. "Ready to go Peeps. " I said closing the driver side door tightly and started the ignition. Peeps meowed again purring deeply. "I take that as a yes." I said shifting up as I pulled away from the curb and away from the house now moving on towards the coast.

I pulled up to the Port and shut off the Jeep. The sun was still pretty high in the sky for being 7:00 in the evening in May. The sea gulls clear from the docks as a white and black boat came in and pulled up to the dock closets to the floating boat house. One of the boat hands exited the house and went over to help tie off the boat. The waves moved it slightly back and forth as young man jumped out onto the dock. Peeps was deeply purring inside the cat carrier fast asleep. She was such a good girl, not like my families cat where whenever we went anywhere in the care with it it would yowl like it was going to die until we got out of the car. That cat Pansie still lives with my mother. I grabbed my duffle bag and opened the door jumping out onto the pavement in my white Converse low tops the lace coming undone. I dropped the duffle bag bending down to tie my Chuck. I reached for the handle and stood up and there was the man from the boat walking toward me.

"Hi you must be Adriane Stone." he said reaching out his hand to meet mine.

"Sure am… and you are?" I said cocking my head to the side as a piece of brown hair fell down into my eyes.

"Lance Rock. Funny huh Rock and Stone. Coincidence almost. I will be bringing you to the island."

"Nice to meet you." I said smiling pulling my hair back into a ponytail bun.

"The pleasure's all mine. You need any help with your stuff?" Lance said slightly raising his shoulders.

"Yes actually." I walked over and opened the back door to the Jeep and Lance came over and took hold of the large cardboard box.

"What do you got in this bricks?" he said jokingly as he carried it around the passenger side. I closed the back door and walked around to get Peeps out of the front seat. I pulled out the carrier and locked the doors which singled with a small beep.

"Do you want me to move my car?" I asked walking up to Lance Rock carrying Peeps trying not to wake her.

"Nope it's all taken car of. That parking spot is now owned by you."

"Sweet." I said walking down the dock after him.

"Careful. It's a little slippery from this morning. All your stuff arrived yesterday with the moving van and all of it is now on the island."

"Excellent… is it all set up too?"

"No, but we did put the bed in the bed room and your couch in the living room." he said giving me some amused looks.

"That's a start." I said giggling as he hopped into the boat making it bob up and down a little.

"I have a question for you?"

"Yeah and what's that?" I said handing him Peeps where he put her down into the cabin in the front of the boat.

"How did you come about being the lighthouse keeper? I mean that's pretty spiffy."

"My Aunt hooked me up. She had owned this at a time, but the upkeep of it wasn't her style and plus she has a real social life so the seclusion wasn't for her. She's a night owl… always has always will be."

"An what about you? Are you a night owl?"

"No… I'm a writer. I'm already finished with college, single, no-life besides my fictional one so I can totally live in a house that I don't have to pay for." I said chucking my large duffle into the boat.

"Okay I can deal with that. You seem normal. The last tenet was a little crazy for my part… a cat lady. Oh and that reminds me. You like cats don't you?"

"Yeah why?" I said placing my hands on my hips.

"Well…" he started before a large tan cat with yellow eyes moved in the big seat of the boat. "Meet Cornelius. The old lady left him behind. I don't see why he's such a good boy aren't you Corny." Corny eyes blinked in before he let out a lazy yawn and went back to sleep. "I can't have a cat in the boat house so I was hoping you'd take him for me…"

"Sure. He's seems pleasant enough."

"Great… you hear that Corny." Corny didn't move. "Aw who needs ya." I laughed as he jumped out of the boat. "I just need you to come in the boat house office and signs some boat forms and we'll be set to go."

"Sounds great. I'm so excited to finally own something that's mine." We walked into the boat house office and behind the counter I could make out a small futon couch from around the wall. There couldn't have been anything else except a small bathroom and kitchen around the corner because this place was tiny with a capital "T" but surprisingly not messy. It was cute the big windows on the ocean side bordered by a large leafy plant. The wooden floor was covered in mismatched area rugs but the front office floor was neatly stained and pollied. Lance slide behind the desk and pulled up several forms in pink, blue, yellow, and white.

"The pink is the boat usage form, the blue is the grocery delivery form, the yellow is the sheet for the Coast guard inspectors to come and check the lighthouse box, the white one is just a registration form for our files." I signed all the sheet and wrote 1 week on the grocery list. He slipped a green card across the counter as I slide my paperwork over to him.

"This is your certification certificate. Show it to any of the boat men that stop by and they will be sue to help you. Normally it will be me or Steve." he said throwing his thumb behind him into the living room area where a well built man sat on the futon.

"Hi Steve!" I called out to him. He turned his head pulling out an ear bud.

"Good afternoon Miss Stone. How's Pansie?" he said standing up and walking over to us behind the counter.

"Have you meet?"

"Yeah I hit her mother's cat with my car."

"Oh…" Said Lance as I slightly smirked at the idea of Steve telling my mother that he had ran over Pansie's tail with his car. That had to of been slightly embarrassing if anything rather stupid feeling.

"It's no big deal though now Pansie looks like a Bob Cat 'cause we had to amputate her tail. She's gained about 5 pounds since then. So she's just as fat as ever and not completely scared for life." I said smiling at the thought of fat little Pansie running around with a stump of a tail.

"Okay. Nice to know you know each other. So ready to head out?" Lance said sliding the paper work into a manila folder and into the filing cabinet.


"Hey you want some company?" Steve said turning off his black video I-pod.

"Sure bring your phone though just incase Seth show up here and no one's here."

"Kay." he said disappearing around the corner before coming back out holding a black razor.

"Let's set out then." Lance said holding the glass door open for me and Steve. We walked down the doc to the black and white boat. Lance jumped in and helped me into the boat and it started to sprinkle. Corny picked his head up and casually jumped off the back seat and walked into the cabin. Steve untied the boat and pushed us off jumping into the back of the boat. Lance started the motor and backed us out away from the docks and out into the open water following the coast south. I sat down in the front seat letting the wind blow my haircut of my ponytail bun. The small water droplets falling on my face. It'll be about five more minutes he said turning away from the coast and out toward a mass of land where a bright white light flashed on and off. The water bumped the boat up and down, but it wasn't ruff at all.

"The paint that you order hasn't arrived yet, but I got a call and the store manager said that he was sending it up tomorrow morning."


"So I'll have it to you around 10:00 tomorrow morning if it's not to early."

"No, no not at all. That's perfect."

"I can come up tomorrow with the jet ski and help you out. It's my day off." Steve volunteered.

"If you really want to you can. I'll find something for you to do."

The island became closer it sat out between an inlet with a bridge maybe about a mile off the coast but it was close enough to see the bridge and Apparently my Aunt

The island became closer as we came around the bend of Fisher's Island. It sat out a few mile's from the tip of the island we were coming off of. Apparently close enough to a phone tower to get cell service at least. Maybe I could tap off of someone's wireless internet with my laptop. The Coast guard had gotten the electricity to the island with solar panels so at least I would have electricity. We got closer and I could see the light in the top of the tower rotating out into the ocean. I counted the rotations and it shone on us about every ten seconds. There was a large dock or rather a pier that Lance pulled us up to and Steve jumped out to tie us off. I could here the soft meow of Peeps in the cabin followed by the long lazy yowl of Cornelius.

"Well here we are. Race Rock Lighthouse."