"Would you like to come in for a while

"Would you like to come in for a while?" I screamed over the waves crashing up against the rocks as I held my yellow duffle bag and Peeps in her cat carrier. My brown hair falling slightly out of my ponytail and blowing with the direction of the wind.

"What?" cried back Steve and then followed by Lance's muffled "What…?" from the dock.

"Would you like to come in for a while?" I shouted again before it started raining harder than a drizzle. Steve had fat Cornelius under his black windbreaker jacket and he didn't seem too happy.

"Yeah I'll come in. Lance!" he shouted as Lance picked his head up from the boat. "Come on in for a minute." A flash of lightning filled the sky followed by the distant rumble of thunder. Lance jumped out of the boat running up the stone steps to where I was standing with Steve and the howling Cornelius.

"It's getting bad." Screamed Lance over the wind. "We better head inside!"

We all reached the front door and Steve pulled it open. We all scrambled in and Steve closed the door behind Lance and instantly the noise stopped.

"That's better." said Steve pulling his hood down and quickly releasing the squirming Cornelius to the floor. It was a little eerie in the house with no lights on. All my furniture from the apartment was draped in sheets to keep off the dust and the old plaster walls need more work than the boys lead on over the phone. The cottage wasn't much bigger than my apartment, but it was still a perfect size. To the left of the entry was a living area and off of that was a bathroom. To the right was the small kitchen and dinning room. There was a spiral staircase that lead up to that attic that Aunt Lace had said was converted into a loft bedroom and a small office. I liked it although right now empty and unfixed up it was still eerie to me. I walked into the living room as Lance turned on the light which hung from the ceiling collecting cobwebs.

"It needs some work." I exclaimed pulling a sheet from a rather modern looking couch compared to the room. There was a magnificent fire place with a white marble mantle. It was gorgeous. "Do you know how old this is?" I said walking over to it.

"No idea, but it came from the original owners and has never had any restoration. I don't think anyone has ever even used it in years." Lance said taking a seat on the couch. Steve plunked down next to him as Peeps jumped up onto the back and settled on the armrest. A loud clap of thunder shook the small house and from the window I could see the waves were getting larger.

"Well… I think you guys should spend the night. I'm not going to send you out there in that." I said just as the lights flickered and lightning lit up the rocks outside.

"I think that's a good idea… Do you mind Steve?"

"Not at all… If you don't remember I was coming up tomorrow anyway."

"Oh yeah…" he started. "…I did forget…" he mumbled under his breath so I could barely hear him.

"I don't have much, but someone can have the couch… It pulls out if you don't mind sharing. Oh… oh wait a sec… the futon is down here too! That opens up… or there's the Chaise lounge… umm… I don't have many pillows… where did those blankets go?" I said talking openly slight to Lance and slightly to myself.

"I'll take the futon like at the boat house." Steve exclaimed pulling off the sheet and making himself instantly comfortable on it before it was even opened.

"I'll take the Chaise. You should have the couch." said Lance getting up and pulling it open. I walked over and dragged the chaise across the different colored hardwood floor. I managed to find some blankets and only two pillows in various boxes which worked out because by the time I found them Steve was already snoring in an upright position on the unreadied futon. The lights slightly flickered as I tossed one of the blankets and pillows over to Lance almost hitting him in the face with the pillow.

"Hey, Watch where your aiming!" he laugh and Steve stirred slightly, stopped snoring, then continued snoring again. We both laugh and I smothered it with my hand. I walked over to the wall and hit the lights which went out instantly and plunged us into the darkness. Peeps blue eyes reflected what little light was left from where she sat on the couch arm and Corny's yellow eyes walked over toward where Lance was on the Chaise lounge. I could see the shadow of Lance on the lounge just barley as I kicked off my chucks next to the couch as Peeps let out a small meow.

"Night." I said as I gave Peeps a little pat and crawled onto the couch in the blackness of the room with only a small bit of white light coming through the windows every ten seconds.

"Night." came Lance's tired voice as I drifted off into sleep.

I woke up the next morning in the pull out couch with half of my blanket on the dusty unmapped floor. Light poured in through the windows into the living room creating shadows on the floor. I didn't realize how beautiful the floor was last night until I saw it in this light. The wood had a nice natural grain and each bored was almost like a different color an yet it all looked great together. I sat up on the couch a chuckled as I looked over at Lance on the chaise who had the whole 10 pounds of Cornelius on his chest. They were so cute. He had one arm dangling off one end barely touching the floor with his fingers and the other arm tucked up underneath Corny. His sandy tan hair was in a mess of yesterday's crusty gel and I hadn't noticed yesterday, but he had freckles on his cheeks and nose. Suddenly I got incredibly embarrassed and almost felt like a crazed fan girl stalking some good looking movie star. This thought made everything worse and my cheeks started turning pink.

Everything I was embarrassed about though washed away when I stood up an saw Steve hanging off the futon. He was still snoring lightly his head bent over to the side making his hair brown stick up. Peeps was still curled up into a little ball on the couches arm as I walked out into the foyer to get my yellow duffle bag. I reached in and riffled through my close to get a tee-shirt and a pair of jeans. Just so happens that the one I happened to grab was my "My Chemical Romance" concert tee-shirt from high school. "Wonderful." I said to myself hoping that I would make to crazy of a first impression on the guys this early in the morning. I changed in the bathroom and when I walked in I instantly knew this house was going to be a lot of work. There was no bath tub or shower. They had both been removed… but thank god there was a toilet and a sink. I guess it's sponge bath's until I get enough cash for a tub or shower or what ever one is cheaper… when I go to get one. I slipped on the black and white tee-shirt over my white lace bra after removing my shirt from yesterday and quickly finger combed my hair in the cracked mirror on the wall. The view from the window in the bathroom was breath taking. The ocean moving in and out fallowing with the waves and the sea gulls fly around by the pier. I normally would think they were annoying, but in this setting I decided to reserve my comments.

Some how I managed to find the box with the coffee maker and coffee in it without waking the sleeping boys. It was kind of strange… I have never been alone with to boys before without one of them trying to put the moves on me. It was kinda cool though… having guy friends. Well at least I hoped they would become my guy friends. Steve was defiantly on his was ever since the Pansie becoming a bobcat incident. I went into the small kitchen and was quite pleased with it considering the bathroom. The white washed cupboards looked fairly new with there glass almost window like doors. The counters were a nice wood… almost like a giant butchers block. Stainless steel appliances and all.

"Thank you who ever did this!" I whispered as I plugged in my Black & Decker coffee maker into the wall and turned on the burner. I snatched up a filter from the counter and put in a few scoops of the fresh ground French vanilla coffee beans into it before stuffing it into the machine. I turned on the sink and a little brown water came out before turning a nice clear shade and I filled up a couple cups worth and poured it into the coffee maker. Instantly the brown liquid I was use to started to fill the glass pot. I loved the way it smelled and always have since my college room mate introduced me to it. It was the smell of my dad mixed with the vanilla ice-cream I used to eat on hot summer days with my little sister Alex. I left it alone to brew as I went in search of coffee cups. I rummaged around for them in a Chex box marked Dishes/ Kitchen Junk in heavy black sharpie. I was successful in find three clear glass coffee mugs with etched circles into them.

"Thank you-" I said hopping over my duffel and heading back into the kitchen with my sugar dish under my arm and three coffee mugs in my hand. The pot was full and now warming on the burner and I was thankful that I purchased the stainless steel one instead of the black coffee maker. I poured myself a glass wishing I had some milk or cream or coffee mate or something.

"I guess just sugar will have to do." I said spooning two scoops of sugar into the glass cup full of the deep mahogany liquid making small whirlpools with my spoon.

"Morning Adriane." said Lance as he walked into the kitchen in bare feet trying to get his hair to lay flat.


"Oh coffee. Can I?" he said gesturing toward the pot.

"Oh, of course. Help yourself!" I said stepping away from the puppy guarded coffee maker. "Sorry no cream." I said taking a sip of the less creamy than normal coffee.

"That's okay. I like it black." he said pouring himself a cup.

"Just to warn you it's French vanilla."

"That's okay. Right now anything will do." he said taking a sip. "-hot" he whispered dribbling a little coffee off his lip and back into the cup. I giggled a little as he wiped his chin with his sleeve and smiled at me. "Looks to me like you need a dinning room table." he said looking around at the empty half of the kitchen.

"Yeah. I think I need a lot more stuff. Including a bath tub or shower although both would be nice."

"There's no shower?!." he shrugged as he walked around the corner. I waited for a minute by myself until he returned. "I can fix that. We'll go pick one out."

"I don't know if I can afford one right at this moment."

"What are you talking about. This place is historical and you get a check for maintaining it."

"What check?"

"The check I left at the boat house… sorry."

"'Tis okay." I said. There was silence for a while as we sipped our coffee in the bright little kitchen with no table or chairs. "I didn't have a dinning room in my last apartment. I ate at the coffee table."

"Well that's one I have never heard from a girl."

"What's that supposed to mean."

"Nothing… but it feels like I slept with bricks on my chest last night."

"That would be your friend Cornelius." I said as I sat up on the counter swinging my bare feet.

"Nice pedicure." came a voice from the doorway.

"Well good morning Sunshine!" Lance shouted as Steve entered the kitchen.

"Sleep good?" I inquired.

"Neck's stiff." he said pouring himself a glass of coffee.

"Vanilla, Steve." Lance said as Steve was pouring.

"Don't care." said Steve sleepily as Corny came in and wound his way around Steve's ankles. "Morning Cat." Steve said sarcastically and Lance laughed as he poured himself another cup of coffee. "Where's the bathroom in this place anyway?"

"Around the corner." I said as he disappeared with his coffee through the archway.

"He's not much of a morning person." Lance said in a soft voice.

"I heard that." came Steve's voice in the other room. Both Lance and I smirked and went back to sipping coffee. "What the hell! You have no shower!" I heard his voice echo from the bathroom as both Lance and I burst out into hysterics. "You need a shower. We are getting you a shower." he screamed from the bathroom. "I'll pay for it if I have to." he screamed louder as he shut the door. With in second he was back in the kitchen still on the shower topic. " I mean seriously every chick needs a shower. Lance we need to get her a shower."

"Don't worry Steve we'll get her a shower. I have to go pick up the paint anyway. An by the looks of this place I need to go pick up more than just paint."

"Lance you don't have to do that."

"It's no problem. I don't have anything else to do." he said slipping me a wink.

"This is good coffee." Steve said obliviously. " I'm hungry."

"Me too." I replied tapping my French tipped fingers on the glass mug which was now almost empty.

"Wanna go and get some breakfast?" Lance asked looking at his watch. "It's only nine."

"Sure." Steve and I answered at the same time.

"Great then we'll go and pick up some supplies afterwards."

"Sounds good." I said running to my duffle an putting my socks on as the boys were making there way to the living room. After we were all in shoes I locked Corny and Peeps in tight an we were off to Fisher's island.