After having watched Blake 7, I found myself thinking it would be fun to do my own sci-fi episode.

Here it is.


Opening scene

The crew (Ed, GC, Scarlet, Tristan and Kiera) are on the flight deck. The ship is being shot at and the crew is being thrown about. One individual is mouthing the words 'Left! Right!'

Scarlet– (manically pushing at switches and buttons in an attempt to keep control of the ship) "I thought you said their systems were down!"

Ed- "Oh my! I hope I didn't set the timer wrong?! I do believe we are being shot at!"

There is another shot and once again everyone is thrown about but someone leans in the opposite direction to the others.

GC– (reading a blank or gibberish diagnostics screen) "Captain! Our shields are offline and hull integrity is down to 4.2! There are 7 major hull breaches in the cargo bays! The main reactor is overheating and we are leaking fuel from the starboard engine! And we are almost out of Orange juice for my Vodka!"- she looks up to the camera- "One more hit and we're gonners!"

The screen goes blank and the words 'Several hours earlier!!'

Scene 1

GC and John are relaxing in the ship lounge, awaiting the return of their Captain and hopefully a new engineer. GC refills her strange coloured drink (has a flask that she slides back into her jacket) as John makes his move on a futuristic board game that they are playing (Possibly scrabble board with chess pieces).

GC- "Woe! Woe! Where did that come from? You can't do that. I can't win if you do that."

John– (smiling)- "Well maybe if you paid as much attention to the game as you do to your glass, then maybe you'd win for once."

GC- "And where's the fun in that? Anyway, I'd have won by now if you didn't keep making the wrong moves." (GC hesitantly moves a piece when the captain walks in. GC raises her glass to the woman) "Huzzah! The captain returns. So where's our new, hopefully good looking engineer?"

Scarlet- (ignoring GC's question and showing no guilt for not having found an engineer) "I've got us a job, a big paying one."

GC- (standing in protest) "Oh no no no no! You promised me an engineer! I'm fed up of having to crawl around those bloody engines! I'm a ship tech, Captain, not a brick…engineer, not an engineer! It's not my job. I'll let you know I ..."

John- "How big is the pay?"

Scarlet- "Four Centari Credits." (This is actually quite a lot of money but Scarlet says it with a straight face, showing nothing of her delight about making all that money. John looks thoughtful and serious whilst GC is struck dumb and drops to her chair in disbelief, a smile curving onto her lips.

GC- "Four whole Centauri credits!"

Scarlet- "Half now and half when the jobs done."

GC- (processing the information dreamily) "Two whole Centari credits now! And two later!"

Scarlet- (rolling her eyes) "Yeah."

John- "What's the catch?"

GC- "Awe why'd you have to go and spoil it? I was so enjoying spending the money in my head."

Scarlet– "It's a rescue. This Kiera Smith has had her brother kidnapped and she wants us to help her."

John- "A rescue mission! We've never done one of those before. She should be contacting the authorities not us."

GC- "Yeah John's right. Plus it sounds dangerous and you know my stance on danger."

Scarlet- "Her brother's being held in an out of the way system and these people are asking for a ransom of fifteen credits which is more than she can afford and she's tried the authorities but she's not high enough on the system for them to bother with. Now it seems a relatively simple snatch and run operation, its good money and it's not like we haven't gotten ourselves into more dangerous situations before."

GC- "Not on purpose we haven't."

Scarlet- "I've checked out her ID and she seems valid as does her brother. Now we can take the job and, more importantly, the money or we can leave it."

There is a moment of silence as all consider. Scarlet waits patiently.

John- "May as well. We could do with the money."

They both turn to GC and wait for her answer.

GC- "You know I know your only asking because you know that I wont turn down that kind of money. Hey for that amount I shoot John here."

John- "Oye!"

Scarlet- "Right then. She's waiting in the flight deck."

All get up and head to the flight deck.

Scene 2

Scarlet, GC and John walk into the flight deck to see Kiera studying some of the ships controls. Another (Shady looking) man sits on a chair near by. As they walk in Kiera stands straight up and turns to face them.

Scarlet- "We'll do the job."

Kiera- (she smiles with relief) "Thank you kindly."

GC- "Kindness has nothing to do with it."

Scarlet- (glares at GC to be quiet) "This is GC and John Spare and as you know I am Scarlet Tyler."

Kiera- "My name is Keira Smith and this is my hired help Tristan."

Tristan gets out of his chair and nods in greeting.

Scarlet- (sitting in the pilot's seat) "Well, now that introductions are over, would you please tell us our destination so we can be on our way."

GC and John also sit down at their stations. GC casts curious glances and Tristan.

Kiera- "Yes of course. We are heading for Avon Six in the Jenna system."

John- "It's 106 light-years to the Jenna system." (Indicates to GC) "She's got a full flask of whisky, I've got half a pack of tic-tacs, it's space and I'm wearing mascara."

GC- "Hit it!"

Clip away to the ship lifting off and heading through space.

Scene 3

GC is sat alone on the flight deck, sitting at a console. Suddenly John is behind her making her jump when he speaks (possible delayed reaction). Possible things to have on the console screen or any diagnostic screens: Sic gorgiamus allos sunjectatos nunc, other wierd latin sayings, All work and no play makes Jaack a dull boy,

John- "What you find out?"

GC- "Sash John! Don't do that to me!"

John– (grinning) "Sorry. Didn't mean to make you jump. So?"

GC- (glancing around to make sure that this time they are alone) "I was just checking up on our fellow passengers. Unfortunately nothing came up on this Kiera or her brother but without access to central Earth computers it wasn't likely and even then it would only be if they had a criminal record or if they had done something to get recognition. This Tristan on the other hand, I may have found him."

(Here we have some silly things on the monitor. Wyrd images. Not tetrus or pong but something silly along those lines)

John- "May have found him?"

GC- "Well there's no picture or description but there is word of a Tristan who defected from the service a few years ago and became a particularly vicious bounty hunter. Apparently he killed the 5 headed, 12 clawed, fire breathing poison spitting bog beast of Rotax 7 single handedly with a hand tied behind his back! Sounds like a real dangerous character to me. So if that's him, I'm not happy about him being on board."

John- "Neither is the Captain. She had a word with me earlier and she wants me to go down onto the planet with them. To keep an eye on them both."

GC- "And you're going?"

John- "The Captain thinks it'll be for the best."

GC- "Look you know she may be the Captain and you may have a small thing for her, but that doesn't mean you actually have to do everything that she tells you to. I don't… well sometimes I don't, particularly if it means going down onto a possibly hostile planet with some people you barely..."

John- "So is there anything else?"

GC(looks doubtfully at her friend, then turns to the console) "Nothing more on them, but this planet we're going to."

John- "What about it?"

GC- "Well it's a pretty ordinary planet. Atmosphere Earth standard by 7, largely water, several small continents filled with forests, two moons, one of which is also habitable, cold but habitable. All in all I wouldn't mind a small villa down there, you know one of those ones with the little pools and ..."

John- "GC? Where are you going with this?"

GC- "Well basically if it wasn't so out of the way it would probably have been a resort for the rich and famous. Instead it's remained relatively untouched until a few years ago when a large private company, I don't know which, started taking contractors to build something there. All of which makes me nervous."

John- (frowning) "Right, I'll report this to the Captain. How long before we arrive?"

GC- "Under an hour."

John- "Right." (Goes to walk out but turns to GC) "Hey, relax. Just...just think about how you're going to spend your money. That villa idea of yours may not be as out of your reach as it seems."

GC- "Yeah, I will. You take care of yourself John make sure you don't die on the first shot, and if you do, then remember the golden rule, take as many of them down with you…"

John- "Sorry? What did you say?"

GC- "Oh…nothing…Good luck!"

Scene 4

Kiera and Tristan are conversing in the lounge when GC cheerfully sticks her head in the room.

GC- "We're arriving in about five minutes, so you two better get ready."

Kiera- "Thanks."

GC disappears and Kiera casts a knowing glance at Tristan before standing up to walk out (shall we do Garth's Dark Place pause, probably not).

Tristan- "You could still go back you know."

Kiera- (spinning over dramatically to face him, possibly a full turn and a half.) "Never! He's too important for the cause."

Tristan- "Then why did they only send one little girl?"

Kiera- (furious, fists clenching but still remembering that she must not be heard by the crew) "I volunteered."

Tristan- (smiling, he lifts himself to his feet, walks over to her, face to face) "Very well then. Let's go." (He walks past her and out of the room. She stands there for a moment looking slightly unsure of herself and then she puts on a stern, resolved face and storms out.

Scene 5

Show the model ship landing. Switch to just outside the ship (somehow). Scarlet, GC and John are waiting outside, getting ready, possibly doing some stretches. Tristan walks out, soon followed by Kiera.

Scarlet- "GC and I will be on the ship awaiting your return and preparing for the possibility of a sudden departure. John will be joining you on your little excursion and reporting back to me if there are any problems and that is not negotiable."

Kiera and Tristan glance at each other, then Kiera smiles pleasantly. "Very well. Shall we head off?"

GC- (heads towards Kiera and hands her a scanner) "This will direct you towards the building we scanned from the ship. I've programmed it to point out any possible entrances."

Kiera- "Thank you kindly."

GC- (leans closer to Keira and says in a low voice) "I just want you to know that I consider John to be a good friend of mine and the safety of those I call friends is almost as important as my own safety, so just to warn you to look after myhim or you'll find the journey back somewhat uncomfortable without oxygen in your cabin."

Kiera smiles doubtfully whilst GC leans back smiles over cheerfully.

GC- "Good luck!"

Tristan is grinning in the background having heard her words. GC and Scarlet watch them head off into the forest. Some point here or maybe a little later as they walk through the forest have ramblers walking their dogs in the background.