Hello all my wonderful readers/reviewers! I know it said it would be a few weeks until the 2nd book was posted. However the ideas for the sequel kept bouncing around in my head and I just had to get them down. So this is the first chapter! But the next chapter won't be posted for a while, not until I work on a few other stories more! So please enjoy! Review if you wish :D! Thanks!

"Come on Cass, get in the car," Aramis pleaded with her for the third time, as he held the passenger side open for her.

Cassie turned away from the car as she stared up at the large brick facade, helplessness written all over her face, "But...but there has to have been a mistake! They've got to be able to do something!"

Aramis' features hardened as he became firm with her and all gentleness was lost, "Cassie just get in the car. This is the last time I request it."

Turning to face her lover, Cassie glared at him with tears streaming down her cheeks, "How can you be so cold, you knew how long I'd been waiting for today."

"And we got the same results we always get," Aramis sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

"They were wrong this time! I know it!" Cassie whimpered and suddenly broke out into a run towards the front glass doors.

"Cassie!" Aramis gasped and immediately set out after her.

Many heads turned in the parking lot as they stared at the two of them, Aramis grabbing Cassie around the waist and dragging her sobbing and pitiful self towards the car.

"Let me go! Dr. Edmund was wrong this time!" Cassie clawed, trying to get out of his firm grip.

"Enough," Aramis huffed out, she was quite the fighter. With a last grunt of effort he pushed her firmly yet gently into the passenger side and slammed the door shut.

Hurrying around to the driver's side he slid easily across the leather seat and closed his door.

Turning to face his weeping wife, he reached across to take her hands, "Look Cassie, I'm sorry for losing my temper and patience. I'm just as frustrated as you are. I mean it's been two years and..."

"And still! Still we can't! What is wrong with me?" she cried, burying her face in shame in her hands as Aramis sighed and let her have her hysterics for now. Turning the key in the ignition the car came to life as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"You look really excited. You keep bouncing in your seat like a five year old," Aramis joked as Cassie kept staring out the window, a grin plastered across her pretty face.

"Don't pick on me! You know I've been looking forward to this day for an incredibly long time," Cassie smiled as she faced him.

"Yeah I know, me too," Aramis turned his attention back to the busy interstate.

"Today is the day, I can feel it. Something is going to change, and we'll get what we've been working for," Cassie's face lit up.

"Cass..." Aramis glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, "don't get your hopes up too high...you remember what happened the last three times."

"Aramis," Cassie glared at him sharply, "don't say such things. Fate is on our side today I can just feel it. Today is the day."

Inwardly Aramis sighed, he knew his wife was building up all her hopes and dreams on this one day. Just like the past three times, and then her hopes had crumbled when that one word always left the doctor's mouth.

Today was the most excited he'd ever seen her. Closing his eyes he said a small prayer, just begging for today to be the day they get the news they'd been waiting two years for.

Cassie was sitting next to Aramis on a comfortable love seat situated against the blue walls of Dr. Edmund's office.

Her bouncing foot was really aggravating Aramis, but he held it in as he patted her knee gently, "Calm down love, the doctor will be here soon."

Of course in Cassie's mind she pictured the doctor coming in, holding his clip board, a happy smile on his face to deliver the news she had waited so long for.

However this was not the case when Dr. Edmund entered, a calm yet neutral look on his face. His features were unreadable.

"Good afternoon Mr. Vasser, Mrs. Vasser," he gestured towards the couple.

"How are you Dr. Edmund?" Aramis politely asked.

"I'm doing fine, thanks. Now I know you two have come in today for the results of the drugs," he looked down at his clipboard reading over something.

"Well doctor?" Cassie asked, not being able to stand the suspense any longer.

The doctor sighed to himself, this was always the worse part...breaking the news.

"The test results came back negative this time. I'm so sorry Mrs. Vasser, you haven't conceived this time," the fifty five year old doctor told her in a calm tone, hiding his underlying sadness.

Cassie became stiff and withheld her tears as she stared at him as if she hadn't heard him correctly.

"Th...then you're saying...it didn't work again? I'm still not pregnant? But...you told me! You told me these fertility treatments would work!" Cassie stood up, pointing at the doctor accusingly.

"And I also said that there was a fifteen percent chance they might not work either," Doctor Edmund calmly replied as he set the chart aside.

Cassie sat back down as Aramis tugged on her wrist. She turned her face away from the doctor as Aramis leaned forward, "So what are the other options we have?"

"Well, there are still many drugs and treatments you can try. Besides Mrs. Vasser is still very young, just turned 22 according to her charts. There is no reason why she shouldn't be able to eventually get pregnant. But if you are so desperate to have children right away there is always the options of getting a surrogate or even adoption?" the doctor listed.

Cassie glared at him immediately, "I would never let another woman carry my child to term! And I want a blood child, made from me and Aramis' love, not an adopted one! I don't care how greedy I sound!" Cassie was infuriated.

"Calm down Cassie," Aramis grabbed her shoulders and forced her to sit back down.

"Mrs. Vasser I was only listing all the possibilities. As I said you are young, you have plenty of time to start thinking about having children. Why not enjoy a few more years of being newlyweds and then try again later on?" the doctor suggested.

"How dare you! You have no right to give me such advice! You have no idea how badly me and Aramis want a child! No idea at all!" Cassie yelled at the doctor as she stood up and left the office without another word.

"Cassie! Get back here!" Aramis was shocked.

"I'm sorry," Dr. Edmund confessed. "It's not your fault the treatments didn't work," Aramis sighed as he turned to hurry after his wife. But not before turning and facing the grim looking doctor, "I'm sorry about my wife."

Loud music blasted in her ears as she tossed a five at the bar tender.

"What'll it be blondie?" he asked in a gruff voice.

"Two whiskeys on the rocks," she sighed out, leaning against the bar counter and staring at everyone around her.

All the couples grinding against each other on the dance floor, the flashing lights over head, laughter and conversation filling the room.

"Here you guy," the bartender slid the drinks towards the pretty blonde.

"As she took a swig of her first drink she didn't even notice the guy who slid onto the stool behind her.

"Drinking alone again I see?" a deep voice commented over her shoulder.

Surprised by this, she turned on her stool to face a handsome Latino looking man, probably no older than twenty four.

"Do I know you?" she asked in a haughty tone.

"Not yet beautiful, but I've certainly gotten to know your face the past few nights. You come here and sit alone at the bar for a few hours and then leave. Never talk to anyone, dance with any guys. So I figured tonight I would introduce myself," he grinned.

"How kind of you," she rolled her green eyes.

"I'm Lionel, but I go by Lio," he held out his hand.

"Mona," she responded, taking another sip of her rum. It burned her throat, but that was how she liked it.

"So Mona," Lionel drawled out her name with an accent, "tell me what a beautiful young girl such as yourself is doing at a bar all alone the past few nights."

"That is none of your business," she glared at him.

"Well most people drink alone because they want to escape their problems," Lionel shrugged.

"I already escaped them, the problem is forgetting them," Mona sighed, taking another sip.

"What are you trying to forget? I am sure I can help," Lionel leaned forward.

"Don't flatter yourself chico," she shoved away from the bar and left her other drink untouched as she left a surprised Lionel at the bar alone as she left the club once again the same way she came.

All alone.