"Pleased to Meet You, My Name Is Sin"

(I'm beautiful, aren't I?)

You want the forbidden, so I'll lead you away.

Now a veil covers your truth,

A fabric of deceit.

(I'm ravenous)

Now there's a blot on once perfect white--

A wrinkle in your garment.

(Exactly…yes, that's what I want from you)

Now you're in black night

With no moon,

A drunken dream.

(Your flesh is so smooth: delicious)

Now a vapor, a poison

Rises from the floor of your heart, and

Transgression descends to hide your little light.

(Didn't you learn about that in Sunday school?)

Now your soul is eclipsed from salvation.

Holy Water--You should bathe

In Holy Water!

Go under seven times;

Plead for purity restored.

(I enjoyed that…a pleasure getting to know you)