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A young girl stood in line outside a popular, women's only club. She shifted from side to side, occasionally biting her thumb nail in anticipation. She had heard about this place from some of her senior soccer team mates and just knew she had to check it out.

"Identification," growled the huge female bouncer.

The young girl stood at her full height of near 6 foot and eyed the bouncer. "I'm 21, how can you not see that?" she challenged, stepping into the bouncer's personal zone. The bouncer nodded her in.

She headed in and breathed out a sigh of relief. She wasn't 21, but her athletic build made her look older. "Oh my god," she breathed out as she looked around. The club had two levels, dance floor and bar on ground, and 2nd floor gathering spots for women doing what the young girl was hoping to achieve.

She leaned on the bar.

"What you having?" asked the bartender.

"Ummm, what have you got?" the girl asked, unsure.

The bar women leaned forward. "Let me put it this way, sweetheart, if you are going to order anything alcoholic I will be checking your ID."

"Cola," said the girl.

"Hmmm, thought you might."

The girl moved around, occasionally talking to women. One woman offered to buy her a drink for a moment out back while trying to feel her up. She declined, and that's when she saw her. The woman across the room was captivating with her body language and her infectious laugh. She wore ripped blue jeans that looked old but probably cost more than her soccer fees. Her black tight shirt exposed her in all the right areas. The young girl eventually breathed out. She looked back up and their eyes connected for a brief moment. The young girl eyes quickly and obviously diverted, but as she brought them back around to the woman, their eyes connected. The woman didn't smile, just gave a little smirk.

Over other side of the room

"I think that girl over there is checking me out."

"Lee, every woman checks you out, and can you please remember it's my night. You can not go home with someone before me."

Lee laughed. "Jeez, Jules, another all-nighter?"

Jules made a face and followed Lee's gaze

"You're kidding, they let them in younger and younger."

Lee continued checking the girl out. "Look at her physique, she must work out. Those arms, and that chest."

"Lee," Jules whined, knowing her friend was occupied with her fantasy.

"I bet she's a virgin, just look how she gazes around the club. I haven't been with a virgin since…"

"Lee Evans, focus on me!"

Lee rolled her eyes at her drama friend.

The young woman continued to scan for her captivating woman but as more people piled in, she lost sight of the mystery woman in the black shirt. After 3 hours of drinking cola, some dancing, some kissing and some crotch fondling she headed to the toilet. As she went to push the door it opened up and bumped into her. The young girl blushed and Lee didn't move out of the way, enjoying the effect she was having on this young woman.

"Hey you," Lee cooed.

"Umm…" she stuttered, still not meeting her gaze.

"Haven't seen you here before, and I kinda know most women here."

"No, I've been around, just not all the time." The young girl stumbled out. She wanted to dive down the nearest toilet bowl.

"Well, consider yourself seen," Lee flirted as she seductively brushed past, their chests almost touching in the narrow doorway.

Later on in the night

Lee had scored herself a few sexual gropes out the back and one woman was kind enough to eat her out, but Jules still had not scored herself a date home.

"Fuck it, I'm outta here." Jules tried to grab Lee, but she pulled away.

"Hey, it's only gone 1 am, just cos you've given up…"

"Ohhh no…I didn't score, you don't, that was the agreement."

They left the club and made for the taxis when Lee spotted someone sitting on a stone fence opposite to club. She watched Jules get into her taxi, but she kept on walking.

The young woman watched the crowd leaving the club.

"Looking for me?" Lee asked confidently.

The young woman shrugged.

Yeah, a virgin, thought Lee, and she was going to have her. After all the alcohol and some alternative lollies provided by Jules she was horny as hell and wasn't going home alone.

"Yeah you were, you've been checking me out most of the night."

The young woman didn't know what to say, she knew if she spoke it was going to come out stupid.

"Well, if you don't want to talk, fine." Lee started to walk away.

"I'm Shayne… I prefer Shay, though," she breathed out.

Lee smiled with her back to Shay. "Ok… so, Shay…" Lee faced her and leaned in close, her lips almost touching Shay's ear.

"You wanna come home with me?" she propositioned straight out.

Shay was taken aback, she wasn't expecting this type of action so soon. She wasn't sure if she was ready, but this woman wanted her. Shay had seen women crowding around the woman in the black shirt all night, but she wanted her. She had chosen her to take home.


Lee could feel Shay's nervousness and knew how cruel she was being, but it didn't stop her from teasing. Lee placed a hand under Shays shirt, near her heart. Shay's breathing quickened. Lee leaned in again.

"Your heart is racing in there, it's telling me you want to."

"Oh, you can," Shay started, but her words were smothered by Lee's lips. Her tongue explored deep, taking all of Shay's air.

Lee broke the kiss and felt the young girl shaking and smirked. 'You're so fucking cruel, Lee," she thought to herself.

"Your head is saying, if you don't go home with me, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life," Lee bragged.

Lee stepped back and held out her hand. Shay took it and they walked off towards a taxi. On the way home Lee's hand ran over Shay's chest, under her shirt, feeling her tight abs.

"I can't wait to see you naked, 'cause if you look half as good as you feel, I'm just going to cream myself."

Shay giggled and found her lips captured again. This time she returned the kiss.

Lee climbed from the taxi, dragging her piece of sexual meat for the night behind her. They entered the lobby and took the lift to her apartment. Shay's arousal spiked as Lee forced her to the corner of the lift and started trailing kisses all over her neck. "I going to fuck you, Shay, until you beg me to stop, and even then I'm not going to stop."


They arrived at Lee's door, but there was no lock. Lee punched in a code, the door unlocked, and lights came on. Shay walked in. She had never seen a place like this. There were no real privacy walls, the living area and bedroom were separated by a glass petition, and the shower cubicle in the bed room was transparent glass as well.

"Fuck, you own this place?" Shay asked.

Lee wasn't interested in Shay's amazement. "Uh-huh." She grabbed Shay and dragged her to the bedroom. Lee unbuttoned her own shirt and discarded it in a corner. She started to unbuckle her jeans and noticed Shay standing still, looking nervous. "Well… are you just going to stand there? Take your clothes off."

Shay pulled her t-shirt off and found Lee standing in front of her, totally naked. She was gorgeous. She had a tattoo on her hip and on her back, a nipple ring, and her belly button was pieced. Impatient, Lee pushed Shay onto the bed and grabbed her shoes, pulling them off, followed by her pants. Lee straddled her, pinning her down.

"Now that's better, now I can see all of you." She dragged her wet pussy up and down Shay's chest. "I'm so fucking hot for you, feel how wet you've made me." Lee kisses Shay and bends towards her ear. "I know you are a virgin"

Shay blushed. "Um, no I'm not..."

"Really? So, come on then, Shay, make me cum."

Shay was out of her league, so Lee continued her sexual torture of the young woman and sat up and over her face, drops of her juices falling onto Shay's face.

"I want you to eat me, Shay, I want you to lick, suck me off." She lowered her pussy and arched back when Shay did exactly was she was told, her tongue working around. Shay felt like she was drowning and running out of air, there was so much cream from Lee.

"Ahhhh... Yeah, that's it, Shay, fuck me, baby….fuck me. Get that tongue in there," she instructed as she gyrated over Shay's face.

Shay pushed her tongue in and around and felt Lee's body convulse and her climax washed over Shay. Lee moved to the side and watched Shay wipe her saturated face.

"You like that."

Shay nodded and Lee pinned her again without any further discussion. "Your body is a fucking goddess, I've got to have you, you are so incredibly fuckable." She licked up and around Shay's chest and breasts, suckling the nipple tall.

"How do you keep yourself in shape? Gym?"

"Umm…" Shay was having trouble stringing a sentence together. "I play…soccer…" her hips lifted when Lee penetrated her, pushing in deep and slow before inserting a second finger.

"Your hole is fucking tight."

Shay groaned. Lee's continual praise of her body and intense touch had her over the edge in seconds. Lee had only gotten started when the young woman came immediately.

Lee laughed. "Wow…. I'm good… I hardly got to pay your clit any attention"

Shay felt ashamed and went to move away.

"Don't… now that we have your first orgasm out the way, lets fuck."

It was after 3am when they finished their sexual workout and both passed out.

Lee had showered, dressed, and was drinking coffee. She looked at the sleeping girl before poking her. "hey you get up, I have to go to work"

The young girl rolled over, exposing everything. "Come back to bed"

Lee sneered. "No.. some of us have to work for a living, love… out."

"Can I least have a shower?" Shay whined.

"5 minutes."

Lee's head was a little worse for wear as she watched the girl shower. She looked younger now than she did last night. Lee looked at her watch. It was 7am, she needed to get in to work before 8am for her meeting.

Lee got on the phone with her secretary. "Bev, have all the reports been submitted and ready for me when I get in."

She looked at the girl in the shower, washing herself, her breasts, her triangular patch. Fuck, this girl was hot, and in her shower… maybe she could…

"Bev, I'm running late, I won't be in till 8.30. I've got a flat battery." Lee threw her phone on the bed.

Shay was about to turn off the shower when she felt a draught from behind. She turned around in the cosy shower to be confronted with Lee.

Lee kissed the girl. "I apologise for my manners… good morning.. um"

"Shayne. It's Shay."

"That's right. Sorry, the whole alcohol and lollies thing. But to tell you the truth, having a hot chick like you in my shower shouldn't go to waste and I'm a big one for morning sex."

They moved about the shower until Lee had wedged her lover in a corner. They rubbed and fondled each other until both were sexually satisfied. Lee met Shay's stare.

"So, how old are you, anyway?" Seeing her up close, she was definitely not as old as she had thought last night.

Shay laughed nervously. "I'm 20.."

"Bullshit…." Lee poked and licked her nipple. "Tell me or I'm going to rip your nipple off," she said, holding her nipple between her teeth.

Shay closed her eyes. "I'm 15, will be 16 in a few months, though."

Lee backed up and hit the door. "What… you're only….fuck…"

Lee stumbled from the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. "Fuck fuck fuck," she growled louder.

Shay got out and wrapped towel around her body. "Don't freak out, it's no big deal."

"Yeah it's a big fucking deal, I'm ….fucking 13 years older than you!"

"Really? Cool," said Shay, proud of her achievement.

"No… not cool. Jesus, do have any idea how much trouble I could get into for fucking you? I hope the neighbors didn't see. I didn't do you in the lift…please."


"Thank god, I don't want to get into trouble for that again. Fucking hell, 15..."

"Will you relax? It's not like you didn't enjoy it, right?" Shay touched Lee, but was pushed away.

"Get dressed and get out now before the Child Protection Service comes looking for you."

After dressing they headed to the door. "Ummm, can I get a lift home?" asked Shay

"No…. walk or bus," said an unfeeling Lee.

"I have no money, and it's, like, 30.00 for taxi at least."

"Fine." Lee pulled out her wallet and handed her 60.00. "Get a taxi, get breakfast… and get lost."