Lost without words,

I can't pretend to imagine

that you would ever understand.

Weren't we once inseparable?

Arguing every other minute

didn't seem to phase.

But then why do I feel that there is nothing?

Words fall flat

and we just don't seem to fit.

Angry glares,

and we both feel abused.

What will be left?

But absent minded thought?



My heart beats a little faster,

my hands shake

and for all the experiences I've stumbled across;

I really am all the more bitter for.

I tried to be nice,


something else.

I'm not sure it's in me,

a facade


To reveal what?


My knuckles pop

one at a time

in a neat little row.

I can hear the winter long complaints now.

What is there to say;

maybe I really am to old for all this.


A chance encounter

and a few friendly words.

Led to that heated summer

but now what's left?

A picture,

my bitterness,

and your cluelessness.

I dare to think

that it really was never anything more.


Dried up

the words struggle their way out my finger tips

nothing flows like it once did,

and I'm not sure it was ever as good

as I once deluded.

But still I persist;

maybe this is the one.


A dull ache in my head.

And I know,

I wont be sleeping tonight.

I'll stare at nothing,


and forgetting.

let the past swallow me whole,

and what of what is to come?

Maybe I'll start living for it;

but until I can detach myself

from those whom know me all

to well.


One last time

I pause to reflect.

One more time

I lapse into a fantasy.

Is the orange monster still watching away?

Give it a rest and

take a deep breath,

And maybe

you'll make it another day.