Everyone thought I was a boy for some reason even though is was an all girl camp. Even when I told them I was a girl that likes to dress in guy clothes they didn't believe me! The only proof they got was when it was time for showers. Then they was I was a girl and not a boy; but now it's different now that I'm finally going to a camp for both girls and boys. I'm going to have to spend the next 2 weeks with people thinking I'm a guy, because here there is only one bathhouse but has enough stalls for everyone in the camp. The same thing goes for the bathrooms. The worst part of all is that gender doesn't matter at all and there are only four beds per cabin. So it could be all girls, all boys, or both boy and girl all sharing the same cabin.

I walked over to my cabin. 'Cabin number 3, yep.' I thought and opened the door to find someone already there.

It was a boy about the same age as me and had brown hair and green eyes. He turned to look at me and sighed almost relieved. "Hi it's nice to meet you. My names DJ Marcus, you?" he asked smiling.

"Skylar Alice and it's nice to meet you too." I said smiling back. I already knew he thought I was a guy like him but decided to let him find out himself.

"Nice name, hey if it's not too much trouble can you help me move this bad? It seems to be stuck and I dropped something and can't reach it. Unless you think you can." DJ said.

I thought for a moment and then nodded. "I'm pretty good and fitting in small spaces." I said and walked over to him.

DJ smiled and pointed to the spot. "I dropped my wallet right there." DJ said.

I nodded and stuck my hand behind the bad and started to feel around. About 2 minutes later I finally felt something, I grabbed it and pulled it out. It was indeed a wallet. I handed it to DJ, who was smiling. "Is this it?" I asked showing him it.

He nodded and took it from my hand. "Yeah thanks. I don't know what would have happened if I lost this thing." DJ said putting it in one of his bags.

"No prob." I said and looked around the cabin. It was fairly big for four people but their were only three beds in the cabin. DJ must have noticed my confused look and smiled. "The fourth bed broke and so is the one to your left. They took out one of them but there coming back for the second one soon so it's just going to be you and me in here." DJ explained.

I looked at the bed to my left and it was in fact broke. The front left leg was broke and the back right looked like it was going break also. I walked over to the other bed and started to pull out my stuff. All the while DJ was just sitting on his bed watching me. "Do you need help?" he asked.

"Yeah could you help set up the bed while I put my clothes away?" I asked. I did not want him to see all of my clothes. I may look like a boy, nut I'm a girl none the less.

"Sure, then when we're done, you want to take a walk or something?" DJ asked walking over to my bed. I nodded and handed him my dark green pillows, my light green sheets, my camouflage sleeping bag, and then finally my blankets.

About 15 minutes later we were both done unpacking and I grabbed my hat and headed out the door. I always hated putting them on right so I put it on backwards, which made me look ever more like a boy then before.

"Hey I noticed while I was making your bed and by your clothing, that you must really like the color green." DJ said.

I nodded and ran towards a tree and started climbing it. "Yeah my favorite color is green and brown." I said looking down at him. He was just smiling at me and also began to climb the tree. "What else do you like?" DJ asked.

"Well, I like climbing, running, swimming even though I'm not that good at it, reading, writing, drawing, biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, fish, milk, fruits, books, Anime, Manga, cartoons, C.S.I, TV, computer stuff, and acting." I said.

DJ just looked at me surprised. "When I said what else, I didn't really mean everything. I can only imagine what you don't like." DJ said climbing up a bit faster, catching up to me, but I just climbed up fasten. Then as I was almost to the top, the branches my hand and foot was on broke and I was sent falling down to the ground.

I luckily grabbed a branch about 5 feet from the ground and pulled myself up on it. DJ started to climb down and sat next to me. "You ok Skylar?" DJ asked in a worried tone. I nodded and jumped off the branch but then fell down on the ground in pain. I looked down at my leg and saw it was bleeding and bad.

DJ saw this and helped me up and walked me back to the cabin. "Ok stay here while go and get someone and here put this on your leg and hold it on there as tight as you can so you won't lose anymore blood." DJ said handing me a towel.

I nodded and did as he said. About 5 minutes later he came back but this time with an adult. "Ok so your saying that he fell from a tree but caught himself before he hit the ground, but when he jumped off the tree his leg started to bleed, am I correct?" the man asked.

DJ nodded and I sighed . 'Even an adult thinks I'm a boy, that's just sad.' I thought.

When the man was done bandaging my leg, I thanked him and walked back over to my bed. I pulled out one of my composition books and pencil and began to draw.

DJ walked over towards me and looked over to see what I was drawing. I was drawing a picture of a sunset with the stars beginning to come out. DJ just looked from picture then to me and then back to the picture and then back to me. "Wow your pretty good, but it seems like something a girl would draw." DJ said walking back over to his bed.

I sighed. 'I guess I'll just have to tell him. I just hope he doesn't get mad.' I thought and looked at him. "Hey DJ, the truth is I'm actually-" I was cut off by someone knocking on the door.

DJ got up and opened it. It was a girl with long brown hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes. She was dressed in a REALLY short black skirt with a matching black spaghetti strap shirt with a red flower design.

"Hey there, my names Casey, I saw what happened a earlier and wanted at see if you were ok and if so, if you would, you know, like to get together, if you know what I mean." She said and winked at me. I shuddered a bit and stared at her.

"Sorry but I don't think it would really work out between us." I said truthfully. Casey just smirked and started to walk closer which made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Oh come on, you know you want me." Casey said in a seductive tone.

I just started to scoot away but couldn't because of the bed and then looked towards DJ for help.

DJ saw what I meant and mouthed 'follow my lead.' I nodded slightly and then looked back at Casey.

DJ just walked up to me and hugged me to him. "Sorry but he's already taken." DJ said which made me very confused but then followed along and wrapped my arms around him also.

"Yeah I'm kind of taken right now so if you don't mind." I said smirking and tried my best not to laugh at the face Casey was giving us. It was the look of disgust and it was the look I loved the most right now.

"Ew you gay freaks!" Casey said and then ran out the door.

After a few minutes me and DJ both started to laugh and hard too. "Man that was priceless. Did you see the look on her face?!" DJ said between laughs.

I nodded. "Yeah it was priceless!" I laughed and then noticed he still had not let go of me yet even though I let go of him and that Casey had already left. I then tried my best not to blush because of how close we were.

"You do know that you can let go now." I said when he finally stopped laughing.

DJ just smirked and looked at me. "What if I don't want to?" DJ asked and then hugged me closer to him.

I was having a really hard time not blushing right now, but kept my cool. "Don't tell me your actually gay." I said looking at him suspiciously.

He just laughed and shook his head. "Nope, to be gay I would have to be hugging a boy right now, but I'm hugging a girl not a boy, am I right, Ms. Alice?" DJ asked smirking even more. "But I am happy right now, very happy." DJ added happily.

I was even more shocked then before and this time did not bother to try and hide the blush. "B-but how-how did you find out? No, when did you find out?" I asked curiously.

"Well, 1. You didn't want me to help put your clothes away; 2. You said you liked to read, write, and draw and as far as I know, not a lot of guys like that kind of stuff, but I do have some friends that do, so I let that one slide; 3. You draw like a girl and draw stuff girls would draw; and 4. The way you told that Casey chick it wouldn't really work out between you two in a very truthful way was the thing that really out it all together." DJ explained simply. "Well actually it was when you said you liked acting, that really gave it away." DJ added.

I was shocked. "S-so are you mad at me? You know, for not telling you? If you are, I was going to but then I was interrupt-" I was cut off by DJ's lips. I couldn't believe it, DJ, someone I just met a few hours ago, was kissing me! I tried to pull away, but he just held me tighter in his arms.

I finally relaxed and then started to kiss back. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he put his around my waist, deepening the kiss.

After a while we broke apart, but still held each other in our arms. I then placed my arms from his neck to his chest and looked up at his smiling face and I couldn't help but smile back.

"What was that for?" I asked still a bit confused as to why he kissed me.

"Well, 1. You talk way to much and 2. 'Cause I love you, duh. Did I not explain to Casey that you were already taken?" DJ asked putting his forehead against mine and held me tighter, almost protectively. I blushed at what he said, but smiled even more.

"I…I love you too." I said smiling. It was DJ's turn to be shocked, but smiled none the less.

"Really?!" He asked happily.

I nodded. "Did I not explain to Casey that I was taken already?" I asked moving a bit closer to him.

DJ nodded and then closed the gap between us and started kissing me again. I jumped a bit when I felt him start licking my lower lip, begging for entrance. I quickly did as he wanted and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I moaned a little and we then started to have a tongue fight. But all good things come to an end at some point, when we both realized we needed one important thing. AIR!

We broke apart and started gasping for air. I put my head on him chest as he put his on my neck and nuzzled it lovingly.

"Wow and to think this would have never happened if you still thought I was a guy and didn't tell you all those things I liked." I said with a little .

DJ shook his head. "Actually I knew you were a girl when you were putting your clothes away and just so you know, I don't think pink underwear would really suit you." DJ said laughing a little. I then blushed a really dark red and glared at him.

"YOU SAW MY UNDERWEAR?!" I exclaimed angrily, looking at him.

DJ just laughed a little and then looked at me. "I should start running now, shouldn't I?" he asked and started to get off the bed.

"I think so." I said and also started to get off. He then sprinted out the door and I ran after him cursing at him the whole time, while all he did was laugh and hope I didn't catch him, because when I did, he was going to wish he was a girl and not a boy. If you know what I mean.