I wish, I wish
They would tell me
What happened to
My friend

She was sad
That much I knew
And then she

She's taking a break
They tell me
But she's with her family
And that is all they'll say

They tell me
Not to worry
And I want to scream
Who do they think I am?

To sit calm
When my friend
Is in danger
I care too much

I'm helpless
And scared
I want to help
So much

It's tearing me apart
If she doesn't came back
I'll never know
Just worry forever

Did I tell her?
That I love her
No, not ever
I took her for granted

Till she wasn't there
Only then did I know
How much I care
Too late

I want to say
I'll always remember
But it isn't true
Life will go on

I will move on
Live my life
Work hard, do well