An old man sits in the darkness of a corner. Puffing his old pipe.

"I don't feel hell should be all torment. I don't feel there should be level, but rings. Three, The center ring for the worst. The middle for the stupid or corrupt. And the outer ring... Well.. Just listen." The old man tokes of his pipe, placing his thump over the bowl to preserve smoke.

"The beginning of hell, the first ring should be pretty grass, clean and pampered with four sidewalks going inward, traveled by the sick, and corrupt that travel to the inner rings. The first ring will be filled with all the people who were not criminals, or sick fucks. The decent people who lived life by what they truly felt made then a good person. The place for the decent Non-God Fearing people. The ones who just weren't 'Good Enough' for heaven." He said during a very long exhale, Smoke pouring steadily from his lips with each word.

"The second ring, Now the sidewalk ends. The hot coals begin... This is where the corrupt go. The lying, backstabbing politicians, The people by the people, for the people that never really... cared about the people, Lied to be reelected. To be placed back into... that level of illusionary control. Where they continued to lie to the people..." The old man said between tokes.

"The true betrayers of humanity." He said with a great controlled exhale. He took a moment to think.

"The third ring, will be a lake of the stank and liquid of death, where the sick, will wade. The sick ones that so enjoyed the worst in life, Murder, Rape, Torture..." The old man sat forward, a tear in his eye.

"They will have their eyelids sewn back. And their mouths sewn shut. Never to speak again, or to close their eyes. They will be able to see the second level, and hear the first. Their torment will be to remember the things they did in life, that gave them the joy they hear, and to know all the will ever feel again, will be the despair of eternity listing to fun, and watching torment. If it be their own, or those around them. They truly deserve to suffer..." The old man looked around. Blue sky above him, green grass below his feet. He looked around, into the center of the circle. He saw the torture in the center. The pain in between. He saw the happiness around him.

"To each his own." The old man said, Sitting back into a rocking chair, He lit his pipe and prepared for an eternity he could enjoy...