Author's Note: It's my first attempt at poetry, so it may be pathetic. I'm not sure, but I felt that I should get the boy's feelings out. Tell me what you think, reviews are always appreciated ) Thanks!

:The Closet:

Never afraid of the dark
Monsters were dumb
But now, feeling small
His feelings grow numb

His Jammies are on
Covers up to his face
But he climbs out of bed
Sought to be safe

Closet doors open
By now they're drunk
Don't they even know?
All his hope has sunk

Their screaming hurts him
But still he prays
He trusts his savior
On God's chest he lays

Sleeping in the closet
Every morning he's found
His mom may get hit
But he blocks out the sound

So much can be learned
From a young child's youth
But don't take my word
Go out and find proof