Leave & Return.

Sometimes people leave and return...

Sometimes I write stories nobody'll read

only I understand what every sentence means

then I hear noises from an ambulance that passes by

I feel as if I wanna let everything and run after it.

I'dn't say such thing like

"I had to leave instead of you"

Since you wanted me to stay

that's why you did so much for me

and I didn't get the chance to thank you

for your support, without you,

I couldn't have arrived to this point

which I'm proud of myself.

... I just see a starless sky and some beggars in the streets

but my mind went through the files called memories

and what it happened a night like this makes me shed a tear.

Sometimes people leave and return

Sometimes people leave and never return.

How many times have you heard

you'll go to the heaven

when you die and you'll become an angel?

It may be true since it's my hope

even if I can't see you, are you next to me?

And sometimes people like you

who leave and want to return, it can't.