Hey, there! Let me tell you a little about myself.
Age: Eighteen
Hair: Dark brown with natural black bits
Where I'm from: Australia
Name: Ghai, pronounced G-A-Y Sattler
Gender: Male
I know, I know. I'm called Ghai. Let me explain that. In the womb, I was thought to be a girl. No, my parents didn't get an ultra-sound. They are very superstitious and used all those rumours to figure out my sex. So, my room was decked out in pink, pink clothes were bought and names were discussed. Now, before we delve too far into the subject of my name, I will have you know there are girls out there called Gay. So, anyway, my parents decided on Gay. Yes. It was originally Gay. But, when I came out and the doctors said I was a boy, my parents decided to make it 'manlier' and make it Ghai. Not Guy, even. Ghai. But I've grown used to the name, even to like it. Though, the irony sill gets me.
Yes, I am Ghai the gay. My first crush was a boy called Thomas Saxon. He was cute, still is. But he has nothing on my boyfriend. My love, my life… incredibly sappy I know, but I'm in love and that's how it feels. But, let's go back to when I actually figured out I was gay. Then pop along to my coming out. Then to present day, with my amazing boyfriend Hamish Ford. But, back we go, back to my first day of year five.


God, why am I so nervous? I've been to school before! I'm not even a senior yet! I actually knew why I was so nervous, it was because of Thomas Saxon. He was so gorgeous. I didn't know if it was normal or… acceptable to feel these things for another boy, but I couldn't help it. The only thing was, I knew Thomas wasn't like me. He only dated girls. Which made a bit sad, but still, a boy can dream, right? And dream I did. I had a very vivid dream about sharing my first kiss with Thomas and woke up with what I can now identify as a boner. Of course, I wasn't sure what it was doing sticking up that high, or if it was healthy. So I did what any eleven year old kid would do. Asked my mother what it was. Which led to me getting a more updated and more useful 'talk'. So, I went to have a cold shower and think of wrinkly old women. It worked, and the tent was packed away. And so, at age eleven, I came to my conclusion: I am gay.

Next, we hop to the year of my coming out, which was when I was fourteen. I sat my parents down in the lounge room and told them. I didn't care to recall that particular conversation.

"Mum, dad, I have something really important I need to tell you, okay?" I was sitting in my seat bouncing like a jackhammer.
"Well, go on Ghai," said my father. I internally cringed at my name. My father, for all the ridiculous
bullshit he accepted and agreed with he was very homophobic. Which is why it took me four years to work up the courage to tell him.
"Um.. Well, you see… I'm uh. Oh, stuff it. Mum, dad, I'm gay." My dad smiled at me, which is something I had not expected. Then he laughed.
"Nice joke, son, we know your Ghai. Now, go do homework or something," he said, still smiling at my 'joke'.
"No, dad, I'm not joking. I'm gay. I'm homosexual. I like men," I said it all in a slightly angry tone. He didn't even believe me for a second; rather, he played it off as a joke. Like it's a joke his only child is a gay.
"What?" he asked, traces of laughter still lingering in his voice. Then he shook his head. "No, no you're not Ghai. It's just a phase. It'll pass. Don't worry. Now, go do your homework."
"Dad! I don't think phases last four years. I'm gay. I have a boyfriend. I. Like. Men," I said, angrily. The man dared to think I was 'going through a phase'?
"No! No, my son is not a queer!" he yelled. That was night I left home. That was last time I spoke to my parents. It was also the last time I saw my current boyfriend. He decided I wasn't worth it. So now, I was homeless, single, and miserable.

But enough of my angsty bull, let's skip to the good part. The part where I meet Hamish.
I had been walking along the creek near my current residence, a cement pipe, which was shared by two other people. Two lovely girls by the name of Patty and Cecilia. Patty and Cecilia were in the same predicament as me. Homophobic parents. But at least they had each other. I was still alone. But I had my friends, and that was enough. It was by this creek I met the most beautiful man to ever walk this earth. Even more than Orlando Bloom and Orlando is pretty damn fine. He had beautiful black hair with electric blue at the ends. His hair hung around ear length and looked so soft. He had a large bag with him, and seemed to be upset. So I did what any smitten gay boy would do: walked up and introduced myself.

He introduced himself as Hamish Ford, and said he had been running from his parents. His whole family had been ridiculing ever since coming out three years ago, when he was fourteen. Which made him now seventeen, like me. I told him he was tough sticking it out that long and told him my story. I then told him about Cecilia and Patty, and invited him to stay in the pipe. There was a little extra room, and we could squeeze him in. Patty and Cecilia were always squished up anyway. To my utter delight, he accepted. I grabbed his hand and showed him the way. When we got back, Patty and Cecilia were finished what made me leave in the first place, and I introduced them. They were immediately in love with him and kept on sending me pointed looks, at which I would grin and mouth "I'm working on it."

We were 'just friends' until about two months later. We were walking along the creek where we met, holding hands. Holding hands was just a thing we did, now. I didn't know if it affected him, but my heart never fails to flutter whenever he holds it, or brushes against it. After walking to our tree, we sat down and just spoke. He picked up my hand started playing with the fingers. I smiled and kept talking. He seemed slightly disinterested and asked what was wrong. He just looked up at me, dropped my hand and tackled me flat on my back.
"You are what's wrong, G. I need to do this," and with that, he kissed me on the mouth. It wasn't my first kiss, but it was sure as hell the first real one. Our mouths fit together like puzzle pieces, and his lips were soft and warm. Just this made me go all jelly boned. But as his tongue snaked out and licked my lip, I knew I hadn't seen the worst, or best, really, of it yet. I opened my mouth and his tongue started probing around. I met it with my own and they tangled together. We made our way slowly (and pleasurably) back to our pipe, and were pleased to see Cecilia and Patty weren't there. The next few hours were silent except for quiet groans and loud moans as we found what our lover enjoyed. We were very thankful Cecilia and Patty decided they wanted to go out. The following months were spent this way, both couples now having reason to shoo off the others as we enjoyed our time together as adults and lovers. And I am happy. It doesn't matter if society frowns upon us. It doesn't matter we cannot marry; though we would like to, and it does not matter we will most likely never have children, because we have each other. And though I am homeless, and though I have not spoken to my parents in four years, I could not be happier. Because I have friends, and I have love. And that is all I will ever need.

Yep. So that's my slash fic. It could have gotten a lot more M rated, but I decided not to. I'm very, very fond of this story. And I've said it before and I'll say it agian: if Hamish and Ghai were straight and single, I would so jump them. And I will shave off their pretty hair. So, now my stalker-esque rant is over, I'll say this: I hope you enjoyed and please don't rip me apart with vicious reviews. And I want NO homophobic comments, people. I'll take it very personally, and I'll get my cat on to you.