Saddle Light


Am I the first one to be caught in
A world,
Where bartender's think they're too
Old for me,
And the needle's not sharp enough to
Keep me from sleep?
This one goes out to you, James Dean.

It's the follow-though to Atlantic City.
Where those girls weren't afraid to
Dress up (or be caught)
The blue-eyed
Alcoholics devastate and break hearts.
But his eyes aren't the normal
Blue, not like the sea or the sky or the rain.
They shine and are illuminated and
They vacuum in our voices.
It's the whiskey (am I not pretty?)


He asks, "Why is my name tattooed on your leg?"
"For the experience, darling, just so I can say,
I've got permanent color, here on my leg.
Though he may not love me, it's a damn pretty name."

an: maybe you should read it every other line.