Heeey, guys. Lol. First off, I just wanna thank allll of you who have read this and liked it and extra thanks to people who reviewed and gave me the confidence to write more. :)

Well, the purpose of this note is to say... The End, really. I'm gonna end this story here so that I can start afresh for the awesome sequel. My writing has changed a bit, I think improved, and... honestly... this story is getting old. I like the plot, but I think I started straying a little from what I wanted. So, soon hopefully, I'll start the sequel to NSTAV, and I think it will be much better than this one. I'll try at least :D So, yeah.

The sequel will most likely take place a couple of weeks after this story, and, of course, will revolve around Holly saving the world. ;) That's pretty much all I know right now, or at least all I'm willing to tell you guys... hehe.

Peace & Love,